Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I took the Saturday afternoon off so I can attend the Mock-CAT (yes I'm attending Mock CATs) in peace. But as it turned out, we don't have one this week. And I heard there is party in our hostel (where I stay with General Trainess or GTs in GT1) and there is no dinner unless you attend the party. Now I didn't want to gate crash so I left for dinner outside with a coupla friends.
When we came back and sat in the TV room in GT1, a GT came in and introduced himself. We got some ice cream and I left upstairs while the guys partied. [ In A block, the girls live on the first floor and guys live on the ground floor. ]
I watched along with the other girls from the balcony as the guys had one well-behaved wild party :) . It was nice to see that they are all still like under-graduates.

It also coincided with the inauguration of the H Blast Furnace, the biggest in the country with a production of nearly 2.2 million tonnes per annum, witrh a capacity of 2.5 mtpa. The G Blast Furnace where I work produces 1.8. There was a video conference on the 2nd of June with the MD regarding the HBF.

So it was an eventful weekend, except that those events didn't happen to me.


  1. :-D

    General fun with General Trainees (sorry GTs)... Now all I see is GT....

    And she is having a blast with G and H Blast furnances.... with capacities with the wonderful decimals in them.... Get along with union I tell ya... Start attacking the bourgeois.... All workers of the world unite... Start a riot...

  2. @puppet
    Yeah I m surprised myself.. dint see it that way till u pointed it out :D

  3. An your speed to counter-comment has improved by yards... A very noticable development I must confess... The blog btw.. is loving all the attention...

  4. @puppet
    sweety.. its just u me madman n an occasional leela... thats all the attention it gets.. but it loves it... so no complaints :)

  5. hey I wrote CAT this year, guess wat I scord.

    a 9%tile.
    wiht a zero in english ( FYI I attempt all 25questions in englisH)

  6. @madman
    wow! you totally rock.. i need to give it this year and u are inspiration :)
    *no sarcasm intended*