Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur 3


Well..It's Deep Purple written in a weird fashion.. and it sounds like one of my friend's names when spoken really fast really many times

To go to this place you to enter Hotel Smitha and take a left even though the board saying Deepurple is on the right. The take lift and go to the 4th floor then the lift opens behind you like in Men in Black and you enter a purple lighted world.
As the name suggests it has a purple ambiance. It is a bar cum restaurant but in Jamshedpur everything is and families eat everywhere.

Good food and I particularly liked the chicken kabab (may be I ve never bothered enough to remember when I ate elsewhere). It is on the costly side but when in Jamshedpur it was kinda decently cheap (may be compared to Chennai/Bengulooru).
A must visit if you are going to Jamshedpur


  1. Are you sure it was Hotel Smitha and not Hotel Smita?

  2. Does it play it too??

    Deep Purple... \m/

  3. Woah! Like MIB eh?
    PS: I was about to ask what your friend’s name was but I just got it. :D

  4. @aniketanand
    duh! I am a south indian

    yeah kinda...

    thank god.. if i type it here.. she'd kill me :)

  5. Well it ought to... Everyone ought to...
    Deep Purple... \m/

  6. @puppet
    except smoke on the water.. i dunno much... gimme a few more songs...

  7. 1. Burn.... Na I m not kidding
    2. When a blind man cries
    3. Hush\m/
    4. Knocking at your backdoor
    5. Strange kind of woman
    6. Bird has flown (flap, flap, flap)
    7. Highway Star
    8. Child in time \m/
    9. Black night
    10. Space Truckin' \m/

    Okay... wait... Do you want me to BURN(\m/) 'em and send??

    No wait i will just do it... And yes lemme know where...

  8. @puppet
    awww... are u trying to be like madman :P

    its ok.. i ll get them all on my lan when i go to chennai... :)

  9. I dont mock well or I dont hide well.... But I m caught... I wear read today... So is my tongue....


    And listen to Elvis...

  10. @puppet
    Presley...?? no thank you...

  11. Yea dont thank me... Thank Elvis...

  12. @puppet
    i wont i wont i wont

  13. 5:-\
    Thats Elvis for you...

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Elvis Presley has just left the building...

    Little less conversation... a little more action...Baby...

  14. @puppet
    i kicked him out :P

  15. Jonny Bravo is Elvis in disguise.... Beat tht... No wat you already did....