Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur 5

The last in the series (to the relief of many)

Centre Point - Spicy Kitchen

I think it is spicy kitchen, not too sure. But it is the resturant in Centre Point hotel.
Nice ambience, lots of firangees (mostly mongolian so probably from Corus). Like every other place you can drink and smoke here but we didn't see many and it didn't look like they do.
The food was enjoyable but the best part is you get tea/coffee even at 11 in the night.

and finally it is done !! I'm leaving Jamshedpur and I won't be eating here again (except in my mess tomorrow for lunch).

A special mention : Masala Cold drink... it's different you; you must try it. Unimaginable to think that he changed Thums-Up into something so unlike it :)


  1. You have made the city the hottest tourist destination... :-P... Man you got firangs there already....

  2. @puppet
    ah! u bring my modesty out.. muahahhaha...

  3. Of course modesty exists and as baba ramdev once said... those who deny it are unscientific.... who said it in a totally different context... but whatever...

  4. @puppet
    ahem ahem.. ok
    hey u have a tongue !!!

  5. Yes it is a rare phenomenon... And yea get used to it... I turn corporate....

  6. @puppet
    is this ur new logo ?? fits actually.. mocking at everyone :P

  7. No.. its not mine.. Its Mick's...

    But I like it... Its not for mocking... Its for :-P.... i.e. \m/

  8. (:P)uppet

    :( nothing for :F ??

  9. It aint :-(... Its :-P

  10. @puppet
    give something for :F

  11. Ummm.. I dunno... F-word on the lips... :-P... So its like mocking with Italian language....