Sunday, July 13, 2008


To all those that made my life in Jamshedpur colourful; the girls I lived with adn the guys I laughed with.

All my bags are packed

Im ready to go

Im standin here

outside your door

I hate to call you up

to say goodbye

But the time is ticking

Its late in the morn

The tempo's waitin

He's blowin his horn

Already Im so lonesome

I could die

Gift's galore:
a key chain blowing a bubble
a tiny petalled scented candle rose
little glass jewellery boxes
tiny handmade cards with rainbows
little cards to claim the friendship
keychains and chains with intial pendents

forever memories hidden in the tiny precious things


  1. Ash to Ash... Dust to Dust....

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  3. @puppet
    so true

    cheer up.. thats life...

    err.. what ?