Saturday, July 12, 2008


Nostalgia is the word, as I sit here in my office for the last time. The G Blast Furnace, Tata Steel. SO many memories. Every person from the head to the bhayya who serves us chai(which we had about 6 to 7 times a day) have become people who will be hard to forget.

The people who were here when we arrived, who finished their training before us and left, who got promoted and switched departments, who got admission into univs and left the place, who guided us, who helped, whose computers we started using like our own, who told us tales about their little ones, who treated us to parties and whom we treated back after our first pay check(oh did i not blog the day i got my first paycheck ?? :| ). There are all people who make this company and this department.

Eight weeks have passed so quickly. When I came here, I didn't like the place, the room, the office, the people, the language. And then slowly we get comfortable where we are. That is my man survived all these years, adaptability is the word. And now, we grow so comfortable that change is resisted. But things have to change.

Now as I leave this office and bid goodbye to everyone around, I need to go back and return my helmet that I have fallen in love with (it has a streak of dripping paint that solidified that it gives as artistic appearance) and my fire resistant jacket (which gave me more protection from the chilled out ac in the office rather than the plant since I've been to the plant for about five times in all) and my gate-pass after which I cannot enter these premises again. Then return to my hostel pay my mess bills, pack my bags and leave tomorrow and bid goodbye to those girls who have made these eight weeks tolerable.

is the word when you have to leave but wish to stay. Soon I'll be back to my institute and get caught up in the world there and my new semester and CAT coaching and placements and future and this will all slip outta mind. But then it will surface on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I look back at pictures and memories.

Nostalgia is the word then as clear as it is now.


  1. High5! Mine too!

  2. @leela
    \m/ cool...
    (btw... pappe n mora n i started giving it with the little finger nail even tho we say 'gimme5':P)

  3. Tell MadMan to read this... he was moving about just the other day rnadomly bumping into ppl and asking the meaning of the word.... I simply ignored him... And he vanished....

    And lazy Sunday afternoon.... Nice...

  4. hehe .. so now finally u know , how it feels to leave haa.. i am still dipped in those memories.. :( ..i hate iit..

  5. @puppet
    hahha.. really... u shud hand him a dictionary..

    c'mon.. i still love iit :).. it'll be worse an yr later when i have to leave it

  6. Not hand him... break his head with it....
    See dead baby jokes...

  7. @puppet
    since when did madman become a baby :P
    btw whr is he ??

  8. Madman is away from the scene... I ignored him and it worked... Shhhh... he may listen... Read....

  9. Since it is that day... I too would like to make a confession...
    I really like to :-P... So :-P

  10. @puppet
    yeay... my bde gift :P

  11. Na thats something else.... Your gift i.e.

  12. @puppet
    what is it ?? what is it ?? what is it ??
    (excited jumping up n down)

  13. i wrote CAT once, n got a 9%tile.
    please beware.,

    why wud a bright kid like you want to do CAT??

  14. fairy: i m back, n ya in english i wrote all 25questions n got a zero, precision i tell U
    20 wrong equals -20
    5 correct equals +20
    sum equals zero

  15. @madman
    err... CAT ?? ur bde gift for me is wat ?? a CAT appln ??

    i m bright kid.. yeay... but i ll buy the appln.. lets see what happs...

    english is what seems so diff seriosuly.. :(