Friday, July 18, 2008

Recalling Jamshedpur

I distinctly am aware that my food reviews are bullshit. But each review behind it has a million memories and the blogposts helps me store them all away.
I remember the cute couple in CityCafe and it makes me wanna write a post on dating.

Date with a Gentle Moon Maiden
Pick her up and take her to CCD, chat up for an hour maybe. They take her to Jubilee Park and go for a boat ride. I am sure she will love it. If you still have time you can catch a laser show but I am not very for it. Now take her to dinner. Here you can go two ways: Equinox or Deepurple
Equinox: have a relaxed dinner but be sure not to order dessert. Walk her to Bistupur after dinner and buy her a balloon. Drop by at the ice cream shop near Novelty.
Deepurple: have a relaxed dinner but be sure not to order dessert. Buy her a balloon outside the hotel from that smart little kid who sells them there. Take an auto to Bistupur and drop by at the ice cream shop near Novelty.
Then walk back with the ice cream till the small shop at the corner opposite to Centre Point (by this time the ice cream would have been eaten). Get meetha pan there (only if the lady likes it). Else just walk back. You might have some time still left for the long 'goodnight' :)

Date with a Wild Loony Bird
Pick her up and take her to Chappan Bhog on the road side for sweets/chat. Then take her to Jubilee Park to the water park inside and enjoy some rides. (But be sure to find out whether she enjoys the water). Then bring her back to CityCafe for dinner and have something Italian at the corner table. Take her all the way back to Softy Corner in Bistupur for a block of icecream (trust me, it's more fun). Then you can still buy her a balloon (or two or three or four depending on the looniness) and get a meetha pan on the walk back. You prolly don't need a long 'goodnight'. It will consist of her bursting one balloon (so you better buy her two atleast).

So go ahead and have fun!

PS: the ideas have been copied, pasted and modified :)


  1. Firstly... SIR... YES... SIR

    you can catch a laser show but I am not very for it.

    Deepurple \m/

    Sea princess... see princess... Ah!!!

  2. @puppet
    firstly.. good boy..

    ahem ?? c'mon laser shows are boring...

    sea princess... yes I am :)

  3. ahem..ahem..
    if i remember correctly...jubilee park was a boring place..:P
    and u copied my idea..the boat ride in jubilee park da... but it feels really good that ppl are actually picking up my ideas and blogging on them...:)..shows they are not cliche..:D

  4. Arrre.... They are bit thts not the point... What s the point?? The point is a line... No wait.... the point (read line) is tht while making a general choice you personalize it... Point noted...


    And you are...

  5. @the dreamer
    jubilee park is still a boring place :P
    err.. i put a PS even before u commented.. so dont say i dint say

    Pranava :P
    i d say circle it

  6. :-)

    or underline it.... But no circles are better

  7. :-)

    or underline it.... But no circles are better

  8. @puppet
    encircle it... thats more effective

  9. wow .. what a date !!! btw i think i know who the couple is ???

  10. @soham
    i dint go on it..
    i jus thought it wud be nice :)

    i don think u know that couple.. i dont... there were jus sitting at a nearby table...

  11. haven read the post, I need the address again to courier the DVD, this time there wud b no delay fossure

  12. @madman
    err... right now I am in bengalooru...
    then I have to go to chennai and get settled...
    could you hold on till August arrives ??

  13. fairy:
    Ur doing very good at gettin distracted from the topic..

  14. @madman
    i really want a courier..
    i like getting mail (real mail and virtual) from different people.. people i havent met n all... so i wud love to have it.. but jus hang on...