Saturday, September 06, 2008


I don't really remember when I started writing poetry. A few years down the IITian lane, exposed to the world of 24hrs internet(now it's just 10, and it deserves another post) I explored the blog-o-sphere. And thus began my first Blog which preserved all my poetry.

Then, for the fun of it I posted some articles to The Hindu and they got published. I got excited and wanted to post it on my blog. But then I figured I could write articles more often than poetry.
And thus, was born Slisha Crazy.

And now my blogs stand at 1:10 ratio.
I could do a round up of the most significant posts I have put up (like the last time), but I'd rather not.
This time I just want to quietly say it.

Here's to my 200th post. CHEERS!!!


  1. 3 cheers to the author of this blog...long live slisha crazy[:)]

  2. @dreamer
    yeay ! clap clap clap

  3. Hey wheres my booze??

  4. @puppet
    when i run into you next