Saturday, November 24, 2007

A moment to RemembeR

The waves are crashing against the rocks. The roar of the wind and water is deafening. She gazes at all and remembers. The sky is filled with fluffy clouds and she dreams those beautiful dreams.

Gently she remembers the lovely thoughts that bring a smile upon her face, the sky clears away and the sun shines in the bright blue sky.
Many sweet memories; a written article, a sudden encounter with a long lost friend, a birthday gift, the funny tales of trouble, those celebrity to be ideas, the birthday of her baby, a new place, the butterflies, a birthday with two cakes, the teasing times, the rain, the party, something new, all of them memories just bring a smile.

As the thoughts of the past flickered, a few too many sad times occurred. Yes, she had her share of tears too. The sky clouds with dark grey clouds. The sea is rough and the waves splash at her feet. Calm and serene still, she looks skywards. A droplet falls on her cheek from the heavens and yet another from her eyes.
She remembers the life of a woman she led and that the day is not over yet. She remembers the day she was shunned by the world. She remembers the lonely nights when she wanted to disappear and wish the sun never rose again. She remembers the day the glass cut deep into her heart and the day she questioned her own credibility. She remembers how she wanted to break free and how then she questioned her sanity.

Now, as she stands, the day passes to ttwilight. At twilight hour she wonders where she is headed and the age old question has its answer right there in the breeze and the splashing waters. The waters always have something to say to her. Today they say move on, but remember your past. Move on, but rememeber those moments when you cried and remember to smile again at them. Move on, but rememebr that which brought a smile on your face and remember never to forget that.

Night has fallen. Time to go home little girl.
Her little feet struggle to walk over the sand and she stumbles but walks on. One last look at the waters, she knows that's where her life began and she knows that's where it shall end.
So young and yet so many memories but they all fade away soon. She wants to remmeber them all. So she stores them safely. For herself and for me.



  1. very nicely written!

  2. nicely written...must feel good to recall past moments...

  3. all i can say is
    23rd November- a day to remember !

    cheers !!!

  4. @aniket
    thank you

    yes it does :)

    :) :) :)

    :( chorry

  5. Nice. Brings out the emotion well :)