Saturday, September 06, 2008

Chrome Mozilla Trips

First let me trip on Leela:
We have a common course this sem. We were walking back from the exam when she said "Wait, should walk faster" And so I increased my pace when she says she wasn't referring to the speed. She wanted to slightly walk ahead of me. In her own words, "I should walk aheader than you"

Now coming to Mozilla:

Even as I started to you FireFox 2 quite a while back, I couldn't login to Google which was painful considering the fact that Google controls my life.
Then Amrit suggested I use an IE tab plugin and I survived with that for a long time.
The beginning of this sem, I got FireFox 3. now there was no IE tab plugin for it and I survived with IE for my Gmail and blogger.
So yesterday I Googled up and figured out hope to login to Google using FireFox and I made it.
I also got Color tabs and a Aero Silver Fox theme.
My FireFox is fresh and happy.

Now coming to Chrome:

Just when I got hunting for FireFox plugins I also hunted for chrome since quite a few status messages on my Gtalk suggest it.
I downloaded the installation file from the site. It didn't work.
I downloaded from DC++. It worked. So I installed.
Then it didn't connect. I changed LAN settings. It connected.
But it doesn't show me Gmail standard view, neither blogger create page. It's slow.
Or may be my computer is.

Bottom line: I'm happy with my FireFox 3 and it's new look.


  1. :-P

    Well Chrome works better with SP2/ Vista... Rather I think it works only with them... I m using it right now... It aint all tht bad... Except I need to increase the font.. And it has built in spelling check... So it makes my work easier... And doesnt leave me angry of not getting the right spellings at the right time...

  2. @puppet
    i dont have vista :(