Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hindu Taliban and The Pink Chaddi Campaign

This is what happened:
Moral policing reared its head again, this time in BJP-ruled Karnataka where members of a right-wing Hindu group assaulted girls in a Mangalore pub, accusing them of behaving in an “obscene manner”. Eyewitnesses said the girls were chased and thrashed by activists of the Sri Ram Sena as they tried to flee from the pub on the busy Balmatta Road in the heart of Mangalore.

Militants belonging to a group called Sri Ram Sena, who claim to be custodians of Indian culture, said Valentine's Day is un-Indian. The threat comes days after the group's activists stormed a bar in the south western city of Mangalore, dragging out and beating women they accused of acting obscenely and "going astray"

Politicians make statements:

Sri Ram Sena is a threat to the country. The Centre is watching its activities with great concern," Chidambaram told media persons in Kollam, Kerala
This (the incident) is an attempt to Talibanise India. There is no place for these kind of acts in India as it is a democracy,” Renuka Chowdhry said.
This is what SRS believes:

"Valentine's Day is definitely not Indian culture. We will not allow celebration of that day in any form," said Pramod Mutalik, the SRS founder.
Isn't Lord Manmatha worshiped on Vasantha Panchami ?
Aren't the holy couple Radha-Krishna worshiped ?

This is how the public answers:
It is 'Gandhigiri' with a difference for over 3,000 people who have joined 'The Pink Chaddi Campaign' to send what else but bagful of pink underwear to the office of the Mangalore pub attack masterminds Sri Ram Sena on Valentine's day this Saturday.

"I just could not believe seeing those men attack women so mercilessly. We had to respond in some way or the other because if we don't then these guys will win. Pink chaddis are nothing but a metaphor to how disgusting they are," says Nisha Sudan, a journalist working with a news portal who started the campaign said.
The sarcasm is inherent in "A Consortium of Pub-going and Forward Women".


Turning the iconic freedom struggle slogan “ jail bharo” on its head, Minister of State for Women and Child Development
since Renuka Choudhary on Thursday suggested that the only way to tackle the moral police was to launch a “ pub bharo andolan”.

A Free Hug campaign on 14th Feb 2009 in Bangalore. We would be out in groups offering free hugs to the people of Bangalore, carrying placards like, ‘Happy Valentines Day, I love you, Hug me, ‘Public Display of violence is not part of Indian culture’ etc.
Hug Karo and Pub Bharo



Reminds me of Black Noise Project and my previous post.

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