Monday, March 23, 2009

Recalling Summer Showers

Summer showers really are the rains in the summer that give life to life forms. It's beautiful to watch them from under shelter and it's equally beautiful to watch them when under them.

I thought I'll add these pictures to an old post from Jamshedpur days but as I looked back I realized I didn't blog about it.
There was a day when in teh hot afternoon rain burst in the skies and there were these huge drops every where urging the soil to contribute the aroma, and three of us were watching television. My roommate from insti, a management internie from delhi and myself decided to stop watching the idiot box and start watching nature's beauty.

We stood under a shelter and watched. Suddenly these girls decided to run out into the rain. they'd run out n run back in and do that again and again.
And thenI got my umbrella and stood in the rain while these girls were running in and out. they urged me to do the same and finalyl, I let go of my umbrella. I stayed there under the rain. Didn't run around. Just stood there.

And finally I was so wet my clothes were weighing me down :)

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  1. getting wet in summer rain is my favorite past time during my school days :)