Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hostel nights !!

Every year, each hostel has a hostel day/night. It is the time of the year again. When hostels dress in theme to welcome all the guests and the passing out students are given a fitting farewell.

The farewell has a few traditions attached with it
1. RG : It's the short of 'royal gang-rape'. Basically, all your friends, your gang rapes you royally in words and print it out on an A3 sheet and past it up for everyone to read and lol. It also has a 'mugshot' taken to fit the theme and is put up in what's called the Rogue's Gallery or RG again.
2. Videos : Wing wise friends together make a video that shows the trippy parts of one's IITian life and put up for all viewing.
3. Tees : A recently started tradition. Passing out people are given a white tee shirt and a marker. Their buddies can scribble on the tees their heart out.
4. Sarees : This is an unwritten tradition which was not quite followed this year that the final year girls wears sarees on the girl's hostel night.
5. Food : Almost forgot, we have dinner :P and for the girl's hostel it is the Open Air Theatre cos there are always too many people.

It's a huge event and everyone in the hostel has to participate and help out.

My first year : I did a little bit of work for the hostel. I ran around generally doing bits and pieces. I invited a gumble of guys and I was running around everywhere. I was playing host probably for the first time. But it was special hostel night. My sister was passing out and she has videos and RG and all that and she was dressed in a saree.
My second year : I worked quite a bit, the incoming lit sec that I was. Put night outs and all that. By this time I realised hostel nights are only for final yearites and even first yearites cos its all fun and all that.
My third year : I worked my ass off. It wasn't just the night outs, it was the lack of food and more than the work it was the responsibility and the tensions. I was exhausted by the time hostel night began. I was on stage giving the lit soc report and that was all. I had dinner ate infinite ice cream, tried to stay for the toasts but puked, got fever and crashed.
My final year : I thought the night was for us so we wont have any work. I ended up sitting outside one of our wings rooms along with my roomie editing our wing videos in the last minute and everyone was coming back from a bath getting ready and all and I had a guest already in my room ! But then after that, the night began. That's another post !

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