Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Night @ Chinatown

10th April 2009,

I didn't sleep all night and about 8 in the morning my father called to tell me that I got an admit into IIM Calcutta! I was excited, jumped up and down, called up my sister and let her and mom know. And then in a while I felt heavily sleepy and slept off. It was peaceful and comfortable to just lay sleeping. I slept like a rock, like I haven't slept in ages.

But I had to wake up. It was our hostel night. We had infinite editing to do for our hostel night wing video.
So we did. We did it till almost 7.30. Then we all dressed up sarees. How much shopping we did for this night! It was all worth it finally!

Moved on to the OAT for dinner which I barely recollect, because I just wanted to head back to the hostel. The hostel was dressed in read, the Chinatown theme.

We read RGs, went upstairs and changed into the white tee and with a marker int he pocket we went downstairs. Danced to the DJ's tunes like we were all gone mad and kept filling each others tees with all kinds of one liners ! And then we took a break.

We all sta together cuddled up like a sea of white tee shirts with writings all over and watched videos. It was amazing. just amazing. Fell asleep at 4 I think.

The next morning when I woke up int he afternoon and opened my door, I found all of us just waking up then and all of us in our well scribbled white tees.

That was my hostel nite! The most memorable night in my IITian life!


  1. Heyyyy....chk it out...It was actually 36 Chinatown.. ;) @chennai 36..... it was 1 party on roll

  2. Congrats... Why do I see empty comment logs??

  3. @puppet
    what do I do ? you and madman ditched me !!!
    Anyway welcome back :)

  4. @janardhan
    lets make a short film :)

  5. I never did... But dont count the chickens yet...

  6. @puppet
    didnt ?? really ?? but i m glad anyway...
    where madman gone ?