Friday, June 26, 2009

Remember Remember

Been long and I did not very well have the opportunity to be online. Sadly, there is a lack of net connectivity and the corresponding equipment.
So a short post just to remember rather than celebrate.
Two days ago, Slishacrazy turned 3.
Three cheers to Slishacray!!!
(Belated Happy Birthday)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It's inevitable. I think everyone is always waiting for something or the other all the time.
Now, I m waiting
for my Lenovo Thinkpad
for my fresher's party on 17th
for the half day tour on 21st
for classes to start on 22nd
for my blog's birthday
for my birthday
for the convo I can't attend
for the management games here
for the hols to go back home
and right now...
Just waiting for the day to end :)

Spicy for a Change

I've never read a Paulo Coelho book like this one.

(am still reading...)

It's got the thrilling effect. But it still have the philosophy in it the way all his books are.

It's gripping in a very flowing way.

A really good read. And it keeps me busy.

I am pretty much vetti till 22nd when classes are scheduled to start.


I'm finally reroomed :)

Since 22nd May, I've been feeling a little uncomfortable for I have vacated out of DellaPrincess. I missed it. Not the room, rather the thought of having a room. Since then I ve been on the move. But finally, on 11th June, I got a room, a new room, yet a room.

I got an address :)

I still gotto rename it though. Not DellaPrincess. I even left the sign board back there. This one's gotto have a new name.
It's a little different from the old one. It's slightly bigger (with a tiny balcony and all that) and I guess I grew up a little too :P
Feels good to be at a new place, making new friends all over.

But in some way, I don't feel so new, just fresh.

Water water everywhere!

(flicked from google)
It is a beautiful sight to see.
Lakes all over. And the roads are edging the lakes, going around the lakes.
It's nice to walk around in the evening.

The weather though similar to chennai it seems very hot and sunny, probably because there are not as many trees and they don't provide shade as much.

!!! The best part, there is a tiny patch of sunflowers in front of my Administrative Block :) !!!

A flicker stream I found.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Header PGDM

Cheers to my new header, 351st post and the beginning of a new label "Joka Days" !!!


Last summer this time, I was interning in Tata Steel. It was the beginning of their Centenary year.

When I came back to IIT Madras, in July, we inauguarated the beginning of our Golden Jubilee year.

As I pass out now from IIT Madras and enter IIM Calcutta, I m entering into IIM Calcutta Golden Jubilee year.

TO Kolkata

I leave today
To Kolkata
From Visakhapatnam

And since I finished Overload by Arthur Hailey I should try reading one of the Coelho books on the way.
When I arrived in IIT Madras for BTech, I did with a dark blue suitcase and a bright blue trolley bag. I came back with those two and a two bags. Today I m packed with the same suitcase and trolley back, and a amall addition, a red and black shoulder bag. I like to travel light.

I don't know when next I'll come online
It will take time for me to get a laptop n then access internet
(first to get a room and then registration).

But I have decided that however busy I might be, I shall still continue to blog :)


Well i finished the book before I thought I really would.
It's good.
The power systems, the black outs, the senti was all beautifully done.
The character of Karen Sloan was a good addition even though it was unnecessary.
What I really thought was unnecessary was the protagonist, Nim Goldman's personal life. And by personal life I mean his affairs. It could have totally been left out since it didn't seem to add to the story at all. And also it made woman look dumb.

Whatever. So yeah, altogether, it was OK.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Healing stone

They say time is a healer
It's not
It just gets you used to situations

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I had blogged asking for it.
I had called up a number of sweet-shops in Chennai in search of it.
Finally, back at home, I found it :)



I m overloaded with books.
I started Carl Sagan's Contact a few months ago and I never really completed it. But I completed my BTech. And it was a borrowed book so I even returned it without finishing.
I also started Paulo Coelho's The Pilgrimage but put it aside for Contact which I never finished, so I never finished Pilgrimage either.
And in the train from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam, I started Arthur Hailey's Overload done with more than have the book, the rest of which I hope to complete on Wednesday's train from Visakhapatnam to Howrah. But I hope to complete it before landing in Howrah since once I reach there I probably won't have time.
I also bought Paulo Coelho's latest, The Winner Stands Alone too.
I hope to find some free time and complete over a few months the two Coelho books.

Yellow Fields

On my journey from Tirupati to Bangalore by bus and on my journey from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam by train I have seen innumerable fields. Quite a few of them were yellow. One particular field however wasn't just yellow. My eyes could focus to observe the tiny details. It was like you pick up a picture and increase it's sharpness. I could see clear boundaries for some of the yellow floers all turned towards the sun :)

It was worth all the journey. I m to understand howver you reach Bangalore you can invariably run into one those yellow fields, the yellowness praising the sun.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Energised Pilgrimage

My family visited Tirumala last weekend.
We went up the hill on foot. It's a looong trip up the hill about 9 to 10kms. On the way there are many picturesque viewpoints. But something different I have seen was alternate energy methods. The first I saw was this:

this pic was flicked from flickr :)

After I reached tirumala another interesting site I saw was the usage of solar cells.

this was googled up