Sunday, September 20, 2009


A walk early in the morning beside the lake is like running a million photographs of nature lovers!
The pink lilies floating on water.
The many fish so still you might think they died.
The herons that suddenly fly over the water creating ripples.
The weird fish that flops water everytime it comes to surface and goes in.
The effect of having two suns when the sun reflects the fullest on the surface of the water.
and many more.

It reminded me of the last month in IIT when I used to take morning walks and snaps along the way.
(Camera suffering communication problems now)
And my walk would invariably end in tea at taramani.
Now it's chai at maingate!
It's the same kettle on the same fire, the same tea glass, the same tiny shop, but two different places along the Bay of Bengal!

Incredible Indiyeah!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Cold Stormy Night

A storm was brewing. The wind was swaying me away. The rain was lashing against the upheld umbrella, so strong that I could not hear anything else. And I walked between to lakes that were brimming to overflow. The cry of the frogs was deafening. And the cold was chilling my spine. The darkness was overshadowing me. I was struggling to stay dry, at least my backpack. It contained my laptop.
I was on my way to stats terminal quiz 2.
Spooky it was man!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bunch of Billiard Balls

Imagine them sitting perfectly and you hit them and scatter them all over.

I have a bunch of things to do which I should be doing now or should have done earlier but like they say it is always the last few secs of the race that count and we all abide by that line asn get everything done in the last minute.

Mon: I had a quiz in stats last night that I would not want to talk about
Tue: I have presentation with a bunch of 11 other people to talk about the movie Gulaal from the point of view of the course 'behavioural sciences'. I hope it goes well. For me its going to be fun. I m acting out a couple of lines - in hindi.
Wed: I think we might have a marketing quiz for which we have like a few 100 pgs to mug
Thu: Hey I'm free. I thought I had something to submit.
Fri: Need to present for 3 mins as part of a group of six people role playing the top management of a company in troubled waters.
Sat: A stats terminal quiz awaits me. Not more explanations.

Next Monday onwards, I have my endterm examinations. And on the ensuing Friday, term 1 ends. (A senti blog post to be followed).