Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do the New

I have an Airtel connection and I didn't give Docomo much thought when it first arrived with its Do the New campaign. But I was discussing the ad campaign with a friend of mine.

The Telecom industry is becoming increasing crowded with new entrants. And of course Docomo is coming in all new into the Indian market. There is a need for differentiating itself. But the first thing for Docomo to do is get the potential customer affiliated with the name.
This is what their "Do the New" campaign is all about. The focus is on the 'new' Docomo as a word. This is evident in the background score which is simple reiteration of syllables in the word Docomo.
What its not trying to do through its first campaign is differentiate itself. All the campaign is aimed at is to simply become a common word among its potential customers.

The Friendship Express also tried an emotional appeal that I feel failed. Since it is not exactly revealing to the audience how it connects emotionally. It just tried but as I see it, could not.

The idea of Friendship Express might come a little later down the PLC when it connects the ad to a friends' circle caller benefit of sorts.

Final call:
The ad campaign is jsut perfect if not for the usage of the word Friendship Express.

PS: Cheers to my 400th post on Slisha Crazy!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eventful Evenings!

The third term has a lot of work. It is getting more and more demanding. But the fun part is I m making it so.

A typical day:
Morning I m still sleeping
Class times: I manage to wake up and go!
After class I sit and work on acad work for the next day.
After dinner events and other random events in the biz world of events and competitions.
Later in the night: Drams practice
Way later in the night: JBS practice
Wee hours of early morning: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!


As I was mentioning in my last post, I m confused as to which city do I say I belong to.

I was born in the city where my mother's parents live, but I was brought up in Visakhapatnam where I stayed for the first 18 years of my life.
I studied in a hostel for 4 years in Chennai where in the first one year I went home to Visakhapatnam but for the next three years I mostly went to Bangalore for hols where my sister works and my mother often visited.

Now I m studying in a hostel in Kolkata.
Now my sister still works in Bangalore.
She is married to a guy who works in Seattle.
My father is transferred to and is working in Hyderabad.
And I m going to Hyderabad for New Year.

So next time I introduce myself do I say I m from Hyderabad ??

In my cell phone, my house number in Vizag is still stored as "Home" though disconnected and my house number in Hyd is stored as "Home Hyd".

A Wedding!

On a lazy Sunday evening my sister gives me a call. For my information, she is getting married!

Now that's what happens when you live away form home long enough. You dunno what your family is doing while you are away!
Well not really, it was just this one case. And I seem to remember from distant memory my mother having said something of a possibility of this idea.

So anyway my tickets were booked. To Ranchi! Yes, to Ranchi it is.

And so I attended a complete Jha wedding in Ranchi and stayed over for a few days to give my sister company.

Unfortunately my endterms loomed in front of me as I had to miss the wedding reception in Visakhapatnam, my hometown.

Oh wait! Is hometown where you live or where you lived or where your parents live ??

Life's Sudden Changes

It feels weird that life changes things so suddenly even if they are a distance good enough not to affect you they still do.
It feels weird when there is so much happening and you want to store all that in your blogposts but you are just unabale to cos I already todl you it's too faaaaaaaaaaaaaast.

Well yeah things change a lot and then they change more and then some more....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Memories in Candle-Light

I hadn't been blogging lately.
Been long time it is. But when I read in the newspaper yesterday about the sentence of Manjunath Shanmughan's killer, I remembered that I have a blog post to write.

On 19th November 2009, 4 years after and IIMs still continue to commemorate his death. I forgot that he belonged to an IIM till I saw the notice on our notice board calling for a candle walk. I was not sure how many people would turn up. But I wanted to go and so I did.
I reached the starting point 5 mins ahead of time. I took along a friend of mine. All I could see was about 10 guys (a few of whom were standing for elections coming up pretty soon). And soon we began. And my the time we reached our audi where we ended our walk I was surprised we had picked up so many people on the way.

And there we stood in the dark, against the cold winds, protecting the candle flame. We were honoured that a student in the final year had known Manjunath personally. And we all stood there in silence.

SIlence is powerful!!!