Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well Friday night I did sleep in and not join the other interns to the Royal Philanthromonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. But Saturday was much better. Taj, Colaba and Nariman got to wait !
Woke up to a lazy Saturday morning (more like afternoon) and looked up other people.
We went to St James Park waiting for a friend to join us.
Reached the park just in time to see the Pelicans being fed.
Pelicans were huge proud birds that walked up to the public and groomed themselves and their might feathers as they posed for pictures.
But the best part about the park was the pigeons and furry little squirrels.
They weren't afraid of people at all.
Then we went to Picadilly roamed about while we waited for a friend and then together took off to Camden Town.
Camden Town.
Is a funny place.
Full of youthful vibes.
We roamed around to find a food market.
Every cuisine you could think of was stuffed into tiny stalls along side a pier.
Just pick up your food and sit on one those toy motorcycle seats facing the pier (which we couldn't get)
Or walk down to the pier and sit on the edge (which we did) and watch an occasional boat or ferry pass by.
You might also get to see one of those laid back teenagers being thrown into the cold water fully dressed.
Then we left the food market to plunge into THE market.
THE market that we could never completely unravel.
With its thousands of little stores and people everywhere, it could not get livelier.
And then come the huge broze horses (or horse busts) with horsemen posing.
A once upon a time stable has been converted into a now spooky yet lively market area.
But make sure you take a leak before you enter. There was only one working restroom in the whole area.
It being the first weekend, I did not see the need for a shopping as yet and didn't (should have).

Pics soon to come

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