Thursday, May 27, 2010

The English Rains

After a long day of Camden Town, I woke up to a very lazy Sunday afternoon.
We wanted to go to Notting Hill but it remains closed on Sundays.
(In a way that was good, too much of such markets gets the fun lost)
One of our friends suggested we go out for lunch after which he would leave home.
So I thought I would come home about 4 or maybe 6 (and write a report that is still pending).
We went up to Tower Bridge to pick up another friend and walked along St Kathyrine Docks.
In search of an english lunch on Thames we walked.
There were many posh restuarants but none so English and we kept walking.
And we walked and walked and asked for directions.
Finally, landed in a quite english residential area, Wapping.
Wapping !
We went up to a little place for lunch and found a table right next to Thames.
And soon it began to rain, but we didn't move indoors.
We just moved a little away under a shellter
It was cold and breezy. But it was fun.
And from there we walked on eastwards alongside Thames till we found another little place.
Where the waiter would give us English Chips but not French Fries even though both are exactly the same
and which had an even better view of Thames and the Wapping pier !
And then we were to get back from Wapping to Tower Hill.
But a friend who has to get back to East Ham wanted to have coffee in South Kensington.
He claimed it was the best coffee in the world and took us all the way just to find it closed.
Yet we had some coffee and got back on District line tube that dropped us off at Tower Hill and continued on to East Ham.


  1. i just happened to know --- slisha means sligtly poetic kinda rite?? :D :D nice one btw!!

  2. @yojitA
    slisha = slighty ! Yes !
    But not my innovation. It is a lingo word used in IIT Madras