Monday, May 31, 2010

Maida Vale

Sunday morning, I looked up the net again for a place I wanted to go to way back from during the days when I used to look up the net to check out places to go in London.
Little Venice (Maida Vaile) in NW London
It was a canal with house boats where people can rent them out and stay for a little while. And does not cost too much too.
We had lunch is the water side cafe in a boat to the rocking movement of the waters.
We watched a puppet show in boat again, called the Puppet Barge Theatre where we were the adulty only group while everyone else came with lttle kids about 4 years or less.
We walked along the canal till we came to a cafe that was lying across the canal like a bridge.
And then we came back Westminister where we took a cruise on Thames from Westminister to Towerhill.
Came home for a short break and had dinner.
After that went to Towerhill to take the tube to Waterloo and it was a race against time to get to the last ride on the Eye.
We had a 4 minute 4D experience prior to the London Eye and the 4D was amazing ! worth all the money !!
London Eye was OKish because once you see the view it is the same view and the London skyline has not got much to offer.
But the 4D was pretty cool. It's essentially 3D with a "fourth" dimension to it when water sprinkles on you when you see 3D water sprinkling on you and things like that.
It was a beautiful Sunday.
Next weekend Scotland !!!

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