Friday, May 28, 2010

Notting Hill

I wondered for a while what I should name the blog post after, the movie Notting Hill or the book Portobello title.

Come Friday I just wanted to sleep again.I left for home early simply because everyone else was.
I came home had dinner and was watching TV because it feels weird to go to bed before it gets dark (and the sun sets at 9pm) And then friends pulled me out to a quickbite to bricklane. Spent a short little while there before I came hope to sleep.
The Saturday, we started the weekend exactly where we left off the last tiem around, South kensington.
For that wonderful cup of coffee and amazing cupcake.
And then off we went in search of the famed Notting Hill.
But as it turns out after we travelled a distance we came to know most of the tube lines to Notting Hill were shut down for maintence. So we decided to get take the bus. We found a bus stop where the bus to Notting Hill stops and as it turns out it took a long long while before we finally got on one. And then got off at Notting Hill bull stop to find out Portobello Market which was our destination in the first place requires another bus.
Finally after a long time we got to Portobello Market, Notting Hill.
It was full stuff. Anything you want you find.
Both sides of the road have stalls and stores of clothes, hats, soveniers, and lots more.
Right in the middle of the road are stalls with food, vegetables and other stuff of sorts.
We shopped for lots of touristy stuff and a friend bought paintings from an artist.
Right in the middle of a crossroads where people were sitting on the pavement eating food, was a man playing on and on, on his guitar. There were people, music, color and friendly noise to the place.
One hell of a place !!

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