Monday, May 31, 2010

Reva, a name

Even though I am in London and I do not see much Indian TV / news, I miss ET and I occasionally look at the ET site online though it is less for the news and more for the editorial column.
So it was then, today morning (4.5 hrs behind India) I opened the editorial page of ET to read about the REVA acquisition by M&M.
And I remembered by random gmail id (that still exists and is used to cut out the spam) that was once created out of a romantic dream for the word Reva. I loved the name. I still do but for very different reasons. I loved it then for the sound of the word. I love it now for the memory of what a romantic I was. Just like Twilight Fairy.
When I launched this blog I wanted it to be anonymous and slowly little by little I can say with my blog's 4th birthday a month away, that it possess me into it and combined two worlds that I romanticised of being separate.
So that's what Reva represents to me, a hopeless romantic who wrote beautiful poetry and was once me.
And the article continued to talk of electric cars and said "the spark was ignited when hybrid..." and I did not realise that they were not talking about the spark plug for a few seconds. Which again reminded me of my mechanical engineering days.
I am interning now at a bank. I interned once at a steel plant. I never worked.
I think I was more comfortable with my knowledge when I was at a steel plant.
Mechanical engineering can be easy to understand once well explained.
Even a 48 conversions long contraption which needs utmost precision can be simple to understand and absorb.
Here I feel the financial world is so complex that people work tirelessly to find something in that complex structure that they can build an instrument around and make it even more complex.
When people here explain to me what they do it seems simple but the mechanism is so convulted I wonder why banks stopped being just a safe to keep your money.
Actually life was simplest at IIT, even when Prof Thillai taught me Financial Mgmt during the time that Lehman collapsed. Comprehensible I'd say.
I miss ET, India, Mech and IIT


  1. Anonymous6:26 am

    'Beutiful' poetry???
    When, where, how?
    self-eulogisation i see there...

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