Thursday, July 01, 2010

Scottish Magic

We took off to Victoria Station on Friday night to grab the Bus to Edinburgh. A long painful 10 hrs journey it was. And we got off at Edinburgh to a beautiful city of architecture. One of our friends wanted to drive to Inverness but we didn’t bring our passports so we had to stay in Edinburgh. We got a backpacker’s hostel beds and left to walk around.

And walk around we did. Edinburgh is a small city. We walked every lane and every area.

We walked to the Ocean Terminal Mall on the beach. We walked the Royal Mile. We saw the Scottish bagpipers singing the Scottish tune.

It was the rugby weekend and we saw the craziness that the Scottish take on towards it. But they are mild, so mild are their mannerisms that it is amusing. It is what can be called disciplined hooliganism. And then we decided we ought to catch a rugby match.

We watched the Scotland versus England rugby match. England won and we were cheering for Scotland, simply because we were sitting with Scotland supporters. It was good fun. Short and fun for someone like me.

After the loooooooong stay in Edinburgh (there isn’t much to it after you get used to the architecture), we decided to go to Dundee, the sunniest city in UK. But someone forgot to mention it is also a very lazy city on Sunday’s. And so we walked the streets of Dundee and came upon a park. We lay lazy like the rest of the people at the park. We walked along the University of Dundee. We found a lovely place with indie music playing. And then before we knew it we needed to catch a bus back to Edinburgh with a change at Perth and later one to London.

Now our bus journey turned out to be interesting. The Dundee to Perth journey is supposed to be about 20mins. But our driver ran over a dog that the owner left off the leash. The owner left immediately but our driver called the cops and told them he ran over a dog. My friend was the eye witness and then we could take off. It all took about 30mins. But our driver was also nice enough to make sure our Perth bus (the last one out of Perth) for us. By the time we reached Perth, the driver was shouting at ours. We ran down this bus and up the other.

Finally I could breathe once we made it to Edinburgh in time. And then we remembered dinner. And yet again we ran over to a Bangladeshi restaurant, grabbed some food and stuffed it in because hot food is not allowed on buses. A run and run and run.

But finally settled back in London, I feel Scotland was a nice trip. Next time Inverness and Tiree are on my list!!!

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