Friday, July 02, 2010

The Week That was

This was my last week in London.

It started with shopping on Sunday.

I reported to a new desk on Monday.

We figured our favorite spot so far was Wapping.
On Wednesday after work we made a short trip to Wapping again.
A lovely trip it was!
We took a wrong turn and ended up on the river shore.
We decided that if we were to settle in London, Wapping would be it :P

Thursday went by.

Friday was extremely hectic for me, meeting people and everything before my exit interview where i would be told whether or not I am being made an offer.
But all is well that ends well and most of us got offers.
So off we went roaming around having dinner here and there near Mayfair.

Saturday, we had a flight out to Mumbai in the night at 9pm.
My firm was nice enough to get us cabs to the airport as well, otherwise they are too expensive.
But it's a whole day all together, packing doesn't take much time and I haven't seen touristy places.
So we went to Charing Cross station, walked around Trafalgar Square with it's beautiful sculptures and fountains and people performing tricks and standing-still-silver people and it's latest addition the Ship-In-A-Bottle. We walked along to Westminster to Big Ben. We saw those tiny elephants for the saving the Asian elephants campaign. The four at Trafalgar Square were adopted by Lalit Modi, on behalf of IPL and those were painted in 4 of the teams colors. We were walking in Westminster when we saw a bunch of people staring at someone in a street that had gates. We stared too. After a while we realized it was David Cameron. And then we walked away. It was funny to see tourists take pictures of everything. The guards on Horses, the red telephone booths, the red buses.

And finally the time has come when I went into the Westminster tube station to return my Oyster Card. it's true. Your life in London begins when you take ans Oyster and ends when you give it back. Felling quite sad and unwilling to leave London, I walked from Westminster Pier to Embankment Pier and took a Thames Clipper to Tower Bridge Pier.

Went home to back a few last minute items and got on a cab that drove we past the Buckingham Palace and past Harrod's to Healthrow.
And with this post comes to close my intern dairies.
Oh Wait! Taj, nariman and colaba ?? May be another day.

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