Sunday, August 15, 2010

I-Day Happenings

It so happens that every August 15th and January 26th we see many indications on how different people show their patriotism. Links crop up and I invariably check out everyone of them.
Not because it is a national day but because otherwise I usually do not run into them and I personally would like to contribute if I can.

Here are two things I found.

First is Proud2BeIndian, a forum for Indians to be proud! :)
I've just joined it. So I did not find anything interesting enough to post.
But I did find a lot of lame threads.
But I assume a few hours on it and I'll actually find the members who make a difference.
It's forum where you can meet people who can make a difference.
It's at least a start!
Register here for access to forum.

Second, is a surprising thing.
A friend of mine (whom I has cyber interviews with) had posted something on facebook.
I followed the link to check it out.
The link asks me to 'support' Independence day.
Now what exactly is that supposed to mean ??!!!

Finally a pic I found on the net that I totally loved and which would be my gtalk pic for the day (and few more since lately, I've become too lazy and less enthu about changing pics).


  1. This was a design on T-Shirt which was sold on rediff few years ago and was favorite for many years! :)

  2. @amit
    Is it? It's awesome!