Sunday, September 05, 2010


This is my 2nd weekend in Boston.
Sadly, the first weekend was so lonely that all I got to say was this.

Anyway, the weekend began brilliantly with the International Student Orientation, all of Friday. It was an awesome mix of people and cultures. I actually found a Chinese girl who loves Shah Rukh Khan and has watched more Bollywood movies than I have!
The only downside was that the dinner cruise over Charles River had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Earl and it was rescheduled to day that I am not free :(

So today morning, I did not have a great plan in mind. I was thinking I should either go around Boston or go shopping. But then I heard on the FM that this was the last official weekend of Summer and it was decided. "Boston Freedom Trail" !!!

We got a map and we began walking along the red brick/ paint on the pavement that marks out the Freedom Trail. The main reason we didn't take a tour is because we didn't intend on making the entire 4kms. Just as far as we can :)

Starting at the Boston Comm, through the Massachusetts State House, we went to Park Street Church. The Church was beautiful and I asked for a prayer in the name of a friend's name who recently passed away. Then past the beautiful King's Chapel we went to the Benjamin Franklin statue on the site of the first public school. What crowd! We loved the Faneuil Hall and the Old North Church that was not so old (rebuilt after the Boston fire), visited another burying ground and ended on the banks for Charles.

We could cross over for two more sites but we didn't we were tired of walking 3kms in the hot sun and taking pictures and eating off the way and walking around like tourists past the Haymarket without stopping by. So we just got onto the T and got back to our school work.

Pictures to come from my Nicaraguan friend who was kind enough to accompany me in this lonely planet.

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