Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend, A Class apart

I took a weekend course = the whole course in 2 compressed weekends = 15 hours per weekend.
Last weekend was the first of those. I wondered how I would sit in the same class for 15 hours. But it was fun. It was ultra fun. We did lots of hands-on assignments and had a guest lecture and it was pretty cool!
One more of those weekends coming up and then I'll be done!

On Sunday, which was the 10th day after the Navratri or the Vijaya Dasami back home in India, I decided to go to temple. I looked up Google and realized that the closest temple was an ISKCON temple. The only devi temple was in Ashland and there is no way I could have gone after hours of classes. So I decided to go to ISKCON. I dragged a friend with me. She dragged a roommate with her. And three of us started out. I had been to ISKCON temples before. They are sort of different. But none like this.
This had an American Swami give an american talk on how Rama killed Ravan and brought Sita home and people celebrated Navratri. And then we had bhajan which was absolutely brilliant. And there was a guy playing the saxophone with the bhajan. It was beautiful. And kids beat a Ravan stuffed with chocolates (like the Mexican pinata). And then we had brilliant Indian food for prasad and went home happy and content! A festival well-celebrated!

After Harvard on Thursday and classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I missed Ivo's dinner on Saturday. I was just too tired to go.
But I did not want to miss the lunch we planned at a Japanese restaurant on Monday with Ivo and the Chinese friend. So we went to a nice little place. The icing on the cake was supposed to be the tempura ice cream. I hated it. I cannot have fried ice cream!

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