Monday, October 18, 2010


Finally, finally, finally! I got to go to Harvard University.
My nica friend (ivo) and I made friends with this guy we met through our friend from college when we to the beach. He is doing his PhD in elec (will be done soon) at Harvard Faculty of Arts and Science! So we asked him for a tour and he agreed. But we are all busy people. Busy. Busy.

So we finally made it on Thursday (which also happens to be ivo's birthday!!!)

We were late by an hour before we turned up at Harvard T stop. And then our tour began when we started walking through the Harvard Yard where all the dorms were. There was this old building (massachuesettes hall) that is out of use and then there was the first dorm to have flowing water (before which people had to use the handpump in the yard).

And then were was a statue. The plaque says "John Harvard, founder, 1638". But actually it is not John Harvard and it some early grad and John Harvard was a benefactor and not a founder and it was founded in 1636. So! The statue is called (nicked) the statue of three lies.

Then, we went to the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library built by Eleanor Elkins Widener (Harry's mother) in his memory after he died on the Titanic! It was beautiful! It had stuff about Titanic and this grad student Harry.
Then we went to Memorial Church for the alumnae and students of Harvard who gave their lives in WW I & II.

We saw the Sever Hall, and this one has an awesome thing about it. At the entrance, the archway, it was acoustically designed such that if you stand to the one side and whisper you would be heard brilliantly clear and amplified on the other side (Which is just a few feet away, yet) it is AWESOME!

We took a look at the theatre but could not go inside since rehearsals were on, and we also saw a couple more buildings.

We were then joined by our friend and went to the Harvard Business School. But since we did not know anyone there, we jsut walked around the campus, peeped into the library, sat out in the lawns and had cookies and cupcake.

And then we went to this little cafe (the name I will find out) which is famous for it's hot chocolate. When we walked in and were waiting for a table, we saw a famour string theorist Lisa Randall. We got her table and enjoyed hot dark chocolate!

PS: I know my post looks like a wiki page :P

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