Sunday, November 21, 2010

Charlie and his Town

So Ivo got a book from a friend about walking tours in Boston.
It had a lot of tours but there was one part of town we have never ever been to: Charles Town.

The freedom trail we walked was supposed to end in Charles Town but we stopped at the River Charles that day and we completed the trail now.

We started by taking a ferry from Long Wharf to Navy Yard, reading the book all along. Walked around the Navy Yard and the USS Constitution, reading up the history. We then went up to the Bunker Hill Monument (on Beacon Hill, Bunker Hill is somewhere around) with the statue of William Prescott. We saw the Harvard Mall where Harvard and another guy decided to name this place Cambridge and start a great college which later on came into being named Harvard (except he didn't live to see it). We also ran into a little pub where all great leaders met to talk about politics and the Red Coats and somebody's house and somebody else's garden and the City Square and the little Harvard street, etc.

The town was beautiful. It is possible the most beautiful part of Boston. You cross over in the ferry and you feel you crossed over the ocean all the way to England, to a little English town, full with little house, cobble stone pathways and tiny roundish cars! Finally we walked over the bridge to come back to the fast lanes of Boston leaving behind the beautiful peaceful and serene little town that lives by itself.

If you ever visit Boston, make sure you take time out to walk around Charles Town, especially during its' breathtaking fall.

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