Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekend Awakening!

"You'll find it very different."
"Excuse me?"
"Once you have been here, India will be very different."
"It won't be like this. Once you get used to this, it's so, so different."
"I like it back home!" (stone faced)
This was the conversation that ensued after I told someone that I am an exchange student and that I have been here for 2 months and I am going back in a month (precisely a month actually). What kind of a conversation is that? He could have said he likes it here, he could have asked where I feel better, he could have. But how can he tell me I am not going to like my country? Because I have had a "life changing" experience staying here !? Duh!

Just to clarify. I did not have a life changing experience here. And I like my country. I like London too. But I like my country more. I know it has limitations. I know it has it's issues. But I like my country. And I don't think that everyone should like my country. But I like my country.

What a conversation to end my weekend!
Wait a minute!
My weekend started with Thursday and ended with Thursday.

I went shopping on Thursday with Ivo and got myself some warm clothes and warmer boots! Diwali shopping I would have said but no, it was just winter shopping, or preparing for the snow.

I took a weekend course if you remember and here is the second weekend of the course. The first weekend was during Dussera and the second during Diwali. Friday came and went like a breeze. I stayed over at a friend's place because 12 hours in the cold is not a good enough reason to come all the way home. Saturday was better cause after all the day of class, a couple of Indian girls from school, my roommate and I went to have an early dinner. We had some good food and good time. And back to work and studying. Sunday came and went by with the class. I dropped by at ISKCON again, alone this time. I attended the Bhajan and was having food when I realized I was not alone and a bunch of friends I went with for the first time had turned up. It was good.

Whenever I talk about the fact that I am going to ISKCON every Sunday, I talk about their good food. I agree it's good and really homely. I enjoy it every time I go. But no. I do not go there for the food. I am not a foodie. Never been. I go there because I like it. I like spending time there. I go there to connect to my culture in contemporary ways and to connect to the spirituality that is an integral part of my culture. It makes me feel I am among people who reconnect and feel connected to the sense of community I miss in this country! I go there to feel 'Indianess' as Nehru defined.

(And where should the above mentioned disappointing conversation happen but here, to enhance my disappointment)


  1. Well technically... Only technically mind you the person in question said tht India would be different.... But as long as you want to take offence I guess its alright....

    But whether anyone agrees or not I give a rats ass.... India is where all the action is....

    In fact a close friend went off to California (HIPPY I tell ya) to study there with his girl with the intention to stay there... only to never get back to India n i quietly tucked in a Rabindra da novel for him to go nuts n stay indecisive whether he misses India n should get back.... He... He...

    So the point is Puppet rules n gives ppl confused minds to stay alive... Else clear mind would make 'em suicidal.... You would like tht wouldn ya??? Lesser competition....

  2. Anonymous7:04 pm

    I am soo with you on the life changing experience thing. It is very nice here. It is much nicer at home.

  3. @Puppet: I know he "technically" didn't say it which is why I was careful enough to not alter his words. But you know there are non verbals ways of communication so let me assure you that I did not misunderstand him. And as you see in my reactions I did not verbalise very much of things he didn't say in words.

    I don't enjoy driving people to suicide. So are you a puppet or a puppet master according to what you did to your friend :P

    @bard: Heheh... life changing :P

  4. The Puppet aint his own master.... He never was.... never is... And I believe never would be..... The puppet only works for his master...

    Now if Puppet bores thee or the world then you can blame the master... Puppet feels safe...

  5. Stay 4/5 Years abroad n u might feel different abt foreign land, India is always India - Home where ever we are - there is no doubt, but that guys point u will exp only if u stay continuously for some years abroad - "Change is the Only Constant Thing" not all change we can talk/comment abt until we fully experience it - I feel this is one among them - May be I'm wrong but I felt that after this experience, tho I LOVE INDIA and want to do a lot there too - Good post n nice which is ur parent grad school ?