Friday, December 10, 2010

City Girl!

I fell in love with Bombay in 3 weeks, London in 4 weeks and New York in 3 weekends and half a week.

I came back from London all romantic about it which wore off in time but I do still like the city a lot. I am currently still romantic about New York and will have to wait and watch if it will wear off. Boston is cute and nice and peaceful which I like but not at the moment designed for me. But Bombay …

My heart leaps up every time I am to land/take off from Bombay at night time. I love it when I am landing in Boston during the day when you feel you are landing on water and just when you thought you would, the runway appears out of nowhere. No such airport stories about London and NY looks nice during the day with the Atlantic and everything but not half as wow-ing.

Inspiring! That’s the word for NY though. London shows you memories of empires that stood through thick and thin for generations together. New York shows you empires that were built from scratch over a single lifetime. Bombay shows me (don’t know about you), the empires to be built. Bombay shows me dreams.

In Dec 2007, not so long ago, I thought that I would be honored to work in Nariman a few years from then and that was my dream! This summer, it did come true even if it’s for a few weeks. Now I need a new dream and it looks like I have one!


  1. Hmmm there is a lil i wanted to mention about bombay, now that you have mentioned. Itseeems bombay was just bits of isles thrown apart, and it was a fisherman's dream to contruct a city out of it - and lo ! there it stands :) the way you c it ...

  2. @sneha: thanks for the interesting piece of info

  3. Bbay is awesome and yes working at nariman point is a dream. I hope you stayed close by though coz going back to suburb cud be depressing :P

    The reason behind bbay being bbay is that one needs to be slightly mad to survive in the mad city of dreams :)

  4. @Kanishk: I stayed in cuff parade :)