Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Carpe 2011

Carpe Diem is the annual cultural festival of IIM Calcutta and this year it was from Jan 28th - 30th. It started for me the moment my play began.
Here are the rest of the things that I could catch.

Pehla Kadam
This is an NGO event in collaboration with Community Human Welfare Organization. About 300 kids from around Joka area came up to IIM Calcutta for a day of fun. There were performances by them and us. I would like to write about each and every but its too long and I don't remember half the Bengali names. Just to mention one, there was a mime show by kids who have a hearing impairment. I have never seen such a brilliant performance enacting through amazing gestures and emotions.

This is our rock band competition. And I got to see some really good performances. Many of them were semi-pro.

The official tribute band to Iron Maiden there were even dressed similar. Fear of the Dark being the highlight, the show had to stop a couple of songs short for the rain playing spoilsport.

My last culfest. Fun and Frolic !

couple of things I have missed is a spic-macay event and a nayatheatre production. I was sleeping.

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