Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Like vs +1

Plusone ? What was Google thinking ? Whoever says "I plusone it"? It only reminds me of a plus one for a party. That makes me an extra. Bad wording!

But that's beside the point! This post is just another meek attempt to try and compare Facebook and GooglePlus.

Facebook was just like any other social networking website when it came. (Sure, it had the Harvard tag but I didn't know it then and neither did I know Harvard much then). I moved from Orkut to Facebook much like everyone else because it developed over the years to become better everyday. To begin with it did not have the features it has today. Simple things like the horizontal tab with thumbnails of tagged pictures on one's profile. Today, it is clean and understandable and gives us a good amount of control on our information.

Google is an innovative firm with amazing products and we all love Google. We waited in anticipation and expressed frustration when an invite got delayed. Basically, everyone just want to try GooglePlus because it was Google product. But whatever happened to Orkut ? Why would Google need GooglePlus when it already has a social networking website. Oh yes, Orkut died because it couldn't evolve as fast as Facebook that kept up with the pace of generations. So Google conveniently kicked Orkut out and launched a new website called GooglePlus with whatever Orkut couldn't have, Facebook's interface!

What does + have over fb?
CIRCLES: Well FB has it's groups but circles are more convenient to keep the feeds in different tabs. Though I have yet figured out how to juggle with the different tabs of feed. Aaaand you can share separately to each circle you want to ! Freedom !
Hangout: Is slow given my internet speed. Otherwise a good idea.
Sparks: Why do we need Sparks when we have Google Reader ?
Posts: which is like a wall but not a wall. But why do I need it when I already have Buzz? Oh wait, why am I repeating myself?
FRIENDS IN CIRCLES: This is the single most important thing that is PLUS for PLUS. You do not know in what circles you are of your friends. Dying to know? Well don't, because they don't know about your circles either. Also, if someone adds you to their circle, you need not feel obliged to add them to yours! This is complete control of information !!!

What does fb have over +?
Playdom! You can throw sheep, have your own mafia, dress yourself up and bitch slap other non sisters, build your little city, play poker, all this with real friends in virtual locations!!! And you can make stupid quizzes and throw them around!
I think this beats + totally and I don't see the larger global audience shifting to + anytime soon.

Basically, I like Facebook better than GooglePlus as of now. But I still hope that one day all my friends shift to a Google Social Network (dunno if it will be Plus) simply because I would like to consolidate my virtual life. I use every Google product that works in India (without monetary transactions) so it would make my life a lot easier if I used a Google Social Network !

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