Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Long Break

So one fine that that India won the World Cup in cricket, yes, in cricket, I know it's hard to believe now when you look at them playing in England. Where was I ? Yes, so basically I got my degree diploma actually. And I flew back to Hyderabad. My joining was about 4.5 months later and I wondered what I would do for such a long time and tried a lot of avenues to find an internship.

But I must say it turned out quite fine to just laze around at home and then laze some more watching movies from morning noon to night. But I did other things as well.

I read a lot of books.
I watched a few movies.
I took a couple of trips.
I wrote for an NGO called Samhita.
I worked on a project with a professor in IIMCal.
I received free books to review from BlogAdda.
I took up BSR with the help of BlogAdda and Samhita.

All in all fun and eventful enough for a vacation.
And now I head out to start working for the first time in my life. Excitement!
London! Here I come!
Also, I shall begin a new label for London. What should I call it ? 

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