Monday, January 30, 2012

The Secret Retold: Har Har Mahadev!

The Immortals of Mehula had touched me and a lot of others and the Shiva Trilogy continues. So I waited ernestly for the sequel The Secret of the Nagas. I had this pic as my background for ages, in fact it still is.

 I pre-booked it on Flipkart and it reached my house two days after I left for London. So my mom read it but I had to wait till I went to India a couple of weeks ago and spent my first two days simply reading it and staying at home.
I liked it but not loved it. Shiva in the first book was rough raw and normal. Just a man with responsibilities. In the second book he was Neelkanth. He accepted his destiny, demanded his respect and worked with it. But nevertheless, Shiva is Shiva as ever. Striving to be better than himself.

A couple of interesting revelations and new twists. Some moments emotional, some that make you think again, some that bring out new things to come around. Especially, the moment of truth, the reason behind his blue throat and how his destiny was written when he was a child by his uncle.
I wait to see his connection with Lord Rudra, the Vasudevs, the Vayuputras and of course who his uncle is. But I also wait to see if Amish includes little stories like why Karthikeyan is popular in the south, how Goddess Ganga fits into the whole story, how Bhagirath's story comes alive and how a snake coils his throat! When's the next book coming up??!!

And I put up two pics, I could put up more if they made more pics. I mean honestly, he does look like Shiva doesn't he ? The dreadlocked strongwilled scarred Tibetian!


  1. Glad somebody else is also slisha crazy about the shiva trilogy :)