Thursday, December 11, 2014

BlogAdda and Akshaya Patra fighting hunger !

The possibilities:

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Across India you hear a similar theme in every class of people (except the rich): I work hard to provide a good education for my children so they gave a better life. A better life is what we all want for our next generation. And a better life they get, through education. 
Now imagine a classroom full of children eager and willing to learn giving that extra something to make that extra distance. Now imagine this classroom full of children dull and bored and cannot hear a word you say because they are hungry. Now imagine this classroom full of students half empty because they prefer cleaning cars and serving tea for some food. Now imagine the entire class empty and the kids working here and there earning a few rupees, falling into crime, a generation lost!
Why would the children clean cars if it didn't give them a means for satisfying their hunger? It's not like they love cleaning cars. Do you know anyone who loves cleaning cars (except may be someone who loves the car a bit much)? What if the children had a means to satisfy their hunger and revive their chances for a better life? Akshaya Patra does just that. 

How do you eliminate classroom hunger? First you need to find some children enough to fill a classroom. And ensure they go to school instead of work by not only giving them a place to gain knowledge to work but also you feed them with the help of Akshaya Patra. Then you give them a different kind of hunger, a hunger for knowledge and education. 
After the Supreme Court passed a rule in 2008 to feed every child at least one meal a day, what was a right to education became a right to a meal that Akshaya Patra continues to live up to. The world's largest NGO, it is operational in 10 states in India and feeds 1.4mn school children a day. They prepare food in a centralised manner and distribute and where they cannot, they prepare the food closer to the site with the help of women self help groups.

Are there other ways to end classroom hunger ?
Could the schools get all the excess food from private boarding schools? Could private boarding schools pledge to prepare 20% more food and distribute to the nearby government schools? Could weddings and other festivals pledge to distribute a % of the food prepared for the government school children next door ? Could temples pledge to feed a full school every other week ?

BlogAdda has pledged to feed one child for one year for every blogpost you publish. Are you ready to do that ? Time is running out. Check this out:

Help to solve classroom hunger. To find out more click here.

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