Friday, July 13, 2007

The Butterfly effect stays ON....

I woke this morning at a fairly reasonable time and ran a bath and off to breakfast. It had rained last night and the grass was damp. The sun was streaming in through the clouded sky little by little. I was alone and I hate being alone. So I hurried to eat and when I was on my way back I looked out at the garden from the entrance of mess and I remembered a few words.
"IITM sure sounds so very photogenic the way you describe it" - Aditya (from the comments section of when I last described my campus.)

And I thought to myself. I looked around and started walking along the path with the garden on my either side. Drangonflies kept whizzing some 3 feet over my head. Butterflies flew all around me. And all kinds of butterflies. Colours were splashed all around. The grass was a bright green washed by the night's rain. Drops of water reflecting the sunshine off.
Yes! My campus is beautiful. Abundant with life and grace.
But I have to run along, project to work, mails to be replied to, and lots of reading work. Like a friend rightly reminded me yesterday...
"What is this life full of care
We have no time to stand and stare"

Take some time. Stand and stare. Look around. There are butterflies flickering next to you. Blackbucks grazing lazily. The fawns jumping over one another.
Yes ofcourse, there are frogs and snakes and centipedes and scorpions and those yucky worms I can't name and oh how could I forget monkeys.

But it's a package deal I guess!

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