Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've jus been bit by an albino mosquito. What does that mean ?
I hate hate hate that really huge spider like those in scary movies that i struggled to send out of my room yesterday.

There are three kittens in sharav.
2 black with brown streaks and one which is greyish white that i call misty.
Misty is hostile. Dunno why. Don care also. mean kitty.

but i love the really cute blackish one that comes to me and most times is fascinated by my skirt.

And the other blackish one is jus indifferent to us. Dont like it much either. We think it has a prob with its eye.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Continental Connection

I found this funny...

It just sounded funny...

It reminded me of yesterday when I was watching Chak de India.. and there's this scene where the mizoram n manipuri girls are treated as guests at the registration and she asks how anyone would feel being treated a guest in your homeland....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Love

The cutest thing that ever happened to me...

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Minutes are missing... you look at the clock once... then you look again... minutes are skipping... there is no change is position or situation... except for the sun though.. before you know it's hours... knocking in and out of consciousness... hours are skipping...

But then you suddenly wake up and realise two days are over... gone... gone forever... and in terms of blog days... I've lost count...

Huh...! I'm back... if not for good... I'm still back...!!!

Play Me

Somebody play me
And I'll take a back seat and watch the show.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The C factor


• Coffee is a central nervous system stimulator that gives the adrenals a kick and causes production of the stress handling hormone adrenalin and the production of more cortisol resulting in short term benefits of heightened awareness / alertness and more energy, but long term may result in a crash after each consumption to lower levels of energy than previously thereby necessitating another cup and another cup, etc. Thus, it may be addictive and ultimately may result in adrenal exhaustion.
• Even though coffee has never been conclusively linked to cancer, it does contain acknowledged carcinogens such as caffeine and other chemicals produced by the high heat of roasting such as creosote, pymdine, tars, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
• Caffeine interferes with adenosine, a brain chemical that normally has a calming effect.
• Cortisol levels are raised which in turn results in constriction of the blood vessels, harder pumping of the heart and higher blood pressure. (Constriction of blood vessels is also a benefit, see the next section.)
• The liver in fetuses and newborns cannot metabolize caffeine, so it remains in the body for up to four days stimulating the nervous system resulting in irritability and sleeplessness.
• Coffee has been associated with low birth weight, birth defects, miscarriages, premature birth, inability to conceive, and sluggish sperm.
• Many of the chemicals in coffee and decaf irritate the stomach lining causing an increase of stomach acid leading to digestive disorders.
• Coffee, including decaf, has high amounts of vitamin K, which affects coagulability of the blood – bad for people at risk of heart attack, stroke and blood clots.
Decreases quality of sleep.
• Caffeine may cause problems with blood sugar control after meals for type 2 diabetics.
• Coffee excites more rapid peristaltic movements of the intestines resulting in shorted transit times and less absorption of nutrients.
• Coffee hampers the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, and B’s.
• Coffee contributes to caries in the teeth.
• Coffee stimulates more frequent urination and subsequent loss of various vitamins and minerals such as B, C, calcium, iron and zinc.
• Caffeine may aggravate osteoporosis by leaching calcium from the bones.
• Caffeine may increase intraocular pressure in persons with glaucoma.
• Coffee may interfere with proper levels of homocysteine and cholesterol by inhibiting vitamins folate, B12 or B6.
Coffee is one of most heavily pesticide sprayed crops.
• Caffeine aggravates stress in people who drink it every day.


So why do I still drink coffee ??
I LOVE IT...!!!

The same site also mentions a lot of medical pros. Then why did i mention only the cons ?? Today is the first day in my life that I've felt an ill effect of coffee. Dehydration. My own advice: Drink loads of water when you drink coffee.
Of course my dehydration could be because of the fact that I hardly drink a glass of water a day which is bad (irrespective of the 7 or 8 cups of coffee I have).

PS: every poison is a medicine and every medicine is a poison

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Play under the Umbrella

A stud, with attitude and an image built over the years.
A pseude puts blogger, with a pseuder blog.
Ever ready to offer kids chocolates, and gals cofee.

A devil in disguise, with a weird blog.
Known to bang a lot.

Ah! Well! The best among the lot I must say, witha blog that rocks.
I'll run outta adjectives describing this creature, a true case of intelligence incarnated in beauty.
Hehehe, sliiii too much wonly...

A close friend and classmate of the Devil.

A close friend and classmate of the Crazygal



The Me writes blogs a lot and replies to all his comments. Happy and peaceful.
Enter Devil
The Devil introduces herself to the Me through comments and they add each other on gtalk. And through many conversations, the Me concludes that the Devil is a 11th class student in Chennai. The Devil gives in more data about the school and her life and our the Me here invites her to visit the beautiful campus of IIT Madras.
Enter Crazygal
The Crazygal has been friends with the Me over work and blogs. And so is she friends with the Devil, again over work and blogs.

Enter present story
The first day of college and classes got cancelled. The Crazygal and the Crasher were bored when they run into the Devil and the Imp. So the Crazygal asks the Devil about the few mutual friends they have and conversation turns to the Me. All are excited and decide its the right opportunity to meet the Me. He should be excited to meet the Devil too, he's never met her. So they all leave for Gurunath and Crazygal calls the Me over too.


The Play

curtains up

(Set at Gurunath. All five, the Me,the Devil, the Imp, the Crazygal, the Crasher, are sitting under a nescafe umbrella. Some sipping coffe. Some gen sitting.)

Me : It's a monday right. You don have school today?
Devil : Naah.. they declared holiday.
Me : Why ?
Devil : I dunno... some bank thingy I guess. So i came over and msged Crazygal here.
Me : you said u have a cousin in IIT, crazygal ?
Devil : no no... someone else...
Crazygal : I know her through blogs yaar.. she comments.. i comment...
Me : Cool.. it's a nice surprise...
Devil : yeah :)

.... Well... it goes on for a while through which the Crasher here feels crashy and keeps stiffening a laugh or two once in a while.....
.... the Devil has managed to extract a dairy milk out of the Me.....
.... the Crazygal keeps nudging the Me about another girl (junior at IITM) whom she put fundaes in photoshop and how that girl needs more fundaes and need the Me's help....
.... the Crasher is crashy....
.... the Imp is giggly....
.... the Me is happy at his guesses about the Devil's background....
.... the Devil has a smile....
.... the Crazygal has her smile too....

Crazygal : Put fundaes to that girl naa... I dunno wat she asked.. some vague stuff in pshop... you shud know...
Me : Sure sure... tell her 500rs per hour...
Crazygal : Cmon.. she reads your blog...
Me : Ok make that 400...
Crazygal : hey.. wat if she even comments...
Devil : keep asking.. he'll slowly reduce...
Me : wait a min... she comments ?? who is she..??
Crazygal (with a grin) : She comments a lot...
Me : eh ?? who da ??

(Now Me looks are sheepish and confused)

Me to Devil : Are you that gal ??
Devil (with a grin) : but I'm in 11th remember ??
Crazygal (laughing) : Cmon
Me (totaly confused) : What ??

Me looks at Crazygal and Devil...

Me to Devil : Is she that girl (pointing to Devil) ??!!

The Crazygal nods and bursts into laughter.
And so do the Devil, the Imp and the Crasher.

The Me is just stunned! Me is speechless! Me is shaking his head!

The Devil is delighted to make a fool of the Me.
The Crasher is glad she didnt laugh out aloud int he middle.
The Imp cant belive we pulled off an act for an entire one hour.
The Crazygal is just having fun, directing the play.

curtains down

PS: the script was made on the way to Gurunath from Sharav. The climax was discussed over smses between Devil and Crazygal