Friday, May 30, 2008

Life @ Jamshedpur

Ah! Been long since I had proper Internet access. And longer since I blogged.
Updates: I m in Jamshedpur! :)

Why? : For my internship in Tata Steel. I'm here for 8 weeks and I 'work' at the G Blast Furnace.
My project makes me do something like study a few machines and improve them.
And I have no idea how!

But the molten metal I tell you is soooooo beautiful. It flows and radiates like liquid gold. Someone said it right when they said "A country that has steel has the gold".

Been into the plant a couple of times and I'll remember this experience.

About work, it's well not really work. I haven't done anything as yet. But yeah going around and talking to people. People are nice and friendly and are willing to help on the contrary to what i heard before Icame.

Another observation : in the G BF office there is just one female employee and two female trainees (including me).

It goes without saying that the only language acceptable here is Hindi. So yes I speak in Hindi most of the time here. But yeah if you happen to know Bengali it helps. Which I don't so it doesn't in my case

About the city : It's a great vision of a great man. But other than that it has nothing. It doesn't even have a decent movie place. Oh! It has the Jubilee Park built for the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Tata Steel (then TISCO).

Incidentally, this year the centenary celebrations of Tata Steel (1907-2007).
Incidentally, the day I joined, 19th May, is the death anniversary of Jamshedji N Tata.

Cheers tot he future stay :) and some work.


  1. Crisp update. About time too.

    Doesn't it feel just awful to not have blogged in a long time?

  2. @leela
    absolutely.. there was so much to say.. n now i cant rem :(

  3. :-D

    See thats what I love... despite being not so pleasant conditions all you do is admire the brilliant color of molten metal... N yes metal rocks .... \m/

  4. N yea... if in any case you are any where in close vicinity of Delhi lemme know.... That way you can not let me miss what I missed the last time.... i.e. running into you... :-P

  5. @puppet
    naaah.. rock rocks :D

  6. molten metal is like mercury :P

  7. @madman
    err... dude... you got the color wrong... :D

  8. thanQ for the correction..

  9. talking to a mechy here! :D

  10. mechy, well at times i envy all mechies..