Thursday, June 26, 2008

Solitude Speaks

" "Here I am - this is me

There's no where else on earth I'd rather be"

So true... Fully content... "

These were my words an year ago... thank to my niche that i found...

I am in Jamshedpur today. It's a beautiful place to be. I have friends and I m working. It good fun and life goes on.

But still. There is a different place I'd rather be. I m missing Vizag. Missing Benguluru. But most importantly, I missing DellaPrincess. Dying to get back.


  1. read buddha, you will forgt everythin

  2. if U need guielines on that, i m the the man u wanna know

  3. @madman
    sure... put some gyan

  4. DVD couriered or ebook?

    i recommend the DVD, it is legendary

  5. Must the show go on??

    The show must go on....

    Zip it up Mad man... I know cliche...

  6. h haaa, so ur back n back for good..

    we were so lovin ur absense, at least I was

  7. @madman
    courier the DVD :)

    it must

    its nice to have u both.. rather than jus one :)

  8. fairy:
    tel me where to ?shall do it on monday??

  9. @madman
    u serious ?? :D
    well i m in jam now :

    Pranava B
    34 A, GT Hostel 1

  10. i m serios n u shall get it very soon

  11. @madman
    really :)
    waiting for it.. i m so excited :)

  12. Now for some bad news... Eh MadMan??

  13. i wasted 90min tryin a burn a DVD on a DVD ROM-- dumb me n hence the delay . i shalll burn it today. n send it tomorro

  14. @puppet
    madman is sweet

    no problemo.. I half believed puppet :D

  15. 2 fairy:

    n ya, should I address the courier to slisha, or U got another name for real.

  16. @MadMan
    Seriously mate you do suffer from attention disorder.... For you cant pay none at all.... Read the address again...


  17. @puppet

    yeay !

  18. now all of U know abt it.,

    thre is an update, a fren burnt the DVD but there is so issue with, so I am gonna give him another chance to be of some help

  19. @MadMan
    Excuses... Excuses... Tell you a job and all you come up with is excuses... Sigh.... Only if you could put yor mind to complete the work and not use it for making up new ones all the time....

  20. @madman
    I hope it aint puppet whom u r talking abt

    help him out dude !

  21. I appeal NOT GUILTY to all the charges.
    Please note Slisha that he(MadMan....Duh!!) mentions a "fren"... So I am totally outta the question...

  22. @MadMan
    Who is it (the fren i.e....Duh!!) DUMBASS??

  23. @puppet
    u drew a long face when all i tried was long legs... cant i pull ur leg...??
    now help madman wont u? its for me.. not him

  24. Damn it... Now I know the use of smileys.... Not a long face... Never...

    And when you do pull... Pull both of 'em we cant have a pair of unequals here....

  25. 2 slisha:
    its not him, it cant be ( remember our secret )

    its a fren ,n i m givin him a second chance ( his last one )

    n ya dumbarse is cool, i like the term..

  26. 2 puppet: Should we get the dumbarse here?

  27. @MadMan
    DUMBASS's personal life is already haunted by me... He wouldn wanna do the same to his social life.... So I guess its your call... For I unanimously denounce such a move... I can go record for that...

  28. @puppet
    i ll rem that :)

    heheheh naaaaice
    yes i d like to meet dumbarse :)

    and hey temme before u do courier it.. coz i ll be soon leavign this place n the courier will not reach me...

  29. th fren failed again last nite,
    a close look explained one of the followin issues

    1. ipod
    2. DVD writer
    3. DVD

    we are investigating it closely and you shall be updated very soon

    about invitin the dumbarse,
    puppet: he aint got much of a life anyways, lets add a littl more spark to it.
    wat say puppet?

    n fairy: I m game, even though this is democracy, n ur n my vote r enuf to persuade him.

    we need puppet on our side, he is kinda influential wen it comes to this fella.

    move to any part of the country, i have decided to courier the DVD, n I will ensure you get it..

  30. @MadMan

    we need puppet on our side, he is kinda influential wen it comes to this fella.

    Or any fella... Duh!!!

    And I still say... But then again... I am always a bit tentative... Depends upon the challenge....

  31. @madman
    then u have about half a month... coz i ll got o zag n then to IIT M...
    i d prefer if u couriered it to IITM :)
    ok ??

    u are a useful asset sometimes :D

  32. useful may be... But asset all the time... :-P.... And a narcissist.... forever....

  33. 2 puppet:
    u indecisive creep.,
    lets get the dumbarse here asap.
    n abt ur challenge, how about gettin him here in the next 96hrs..

    sounds okay to me too.,but i wont stop abhi, i will try to make it asap.
    n if i courier it after a 15days, i mite get very generous n burn more DVD's n send em all

  34. @puppet
    so am i :D

    yeay!! i ll get more :)
    may be u can call them my bde gifts...wat say ?

  35. ya ya, ud bdey gifts fossure

  36. got an update last nite, the buddha DVD has been successfully burnt, and we kinda found the culprit too, it was that faulty DVD..

  37. @madman
    bad bad DVD writer.. :)