Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Block O' Butterscotch

Like I mentioned earlier, the weather in Jamshedpur is weird.

A friend and I went to the market place to buy some stuff. It was a pleasant afternoon. The sky was clouded and the weather was on the verge of rainfall. After we were done with shopping we thought it would be nice to have a cup of ice cream.

We walked up to 'Softy Corner' for ice cream, read the menu for a long time and debated on what we should eat. Well whatever we take it too small so we settled for a block :) Yes, an Ice cream Block.

I say vanilla, he says chocolate, we settle for butterscotch.

It was drizzling, so we could not eat it there and we took an auto back to my hostel. The ride up to my hostel is about 5 to 7 minutes depending on the auto driver and by the time we reached it was pouring. even with an umbrella, the two of us were half wet or rather half soaked.

We arrive at my hostel, stand in the corridor under shelter and digg it.
The block of butterscotch.
Just the two of us.
Half wet and watching the rain.
It was AWESOME!!!


  1. Block or brick?? I kinda never had my basics clear...

    And all this time the ice-cream didn't melt?? And I am told I am dramatic....NOT!!!

  2. fairy:
    ur learning from puppet, the bug is catchin you too

  3. @puppet
    it was raining n cold.. :) n it was written block ont hemenu card :D

    i aint :P

  4. @TF
    I agree... You are not!!

    Yes she is.... Another one mate.... Another one.... Muhawhawhawahawhaw

  5. for a change i concurr with ur opinion puppet.

  6. @puppet/madman
    blah ! (turns away)

  7. Moral of the story:

    if you wanna hog a block o'butterscotch, with a lovely lady around... then wait for her to proclaim vanilla

    P.S: and then say chocolate!!

  8. @fullstop
    err.. why cant u jsu have vanilla ??

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. *typo.. had to del earlier post*

    cause i lurve chocolate (read butterscotch).. lol

  11. @fullstop
    my vanilla != butterscotch
    i love vanilla

  12. please enable RSS feeds for comments

  13. @MadMan
    Lazy...Unobservative Lamer

  14. @madman
    err... how do i do that ?? enlighten me...

    u are also gaining aint u ??

  15. @madman
    my site feed is full including comments.. wat else ??

  16. Nah... I prefer being called old-fashioned....

  17. fairy: i started using google reader, n I get updates of new posts on ur blog but not of comments. we need to do somethn

    how about you bein my feed, whenever there is an update a comment or a post, please email me

  18. What the hell.... cc me too...

  19. @madman
    isn't there an option called "email follow up comments to"
    after it says choose ur identity ??

    same goes for u.. but u arent gmail.. so i dunnoa bt u

  20. k i m not too sure how well you handle frankness but i will give it a shot....
    Now tht you know the id... why dont you add me on im....ASAT

  21. hey fairy:

    ur very very smart..

  22. @puppet
    i use gmail'd chat... so .. :D
    i ll add madman :P

    u earned it :P

  23. Hmmmm... Well I would have given you my gmail id.... But i guess...

  24. @madman
    oops.. i don have urs either..
    care to gimme ??

    i d like to add u too... (may not chat :P )

  25. Updated the profile... Just click on puppet and you shall see what you couldnt till now.... Yes the name too... Its all there in the id.....

    And you shall.... Chat... Of course you shall.... I am too influential.... As MadMan mentioned it once... And I on many an occasions.... I am a narcissist....

  26. fairy:
    add gvikramjee@gmail as of now, then i will give you the undercover id