Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger's Nostalgia

I started blogging on 3rd April, 2006. That is soon after I bought a computer in my first year. I started it to capture all my poetry and preserve it on the vast world of the wide web.

I started this one, slishacrazy.blogspot.com on 25th June 2006. It was the summer after my first year when a couple of my articles got published in the local edition of The Hindu and I thought I could probably keep a collect of them on the net.

I never thought about blogging. I just happened to have a trippy story that I repeated to everyone I knew and thought I could write about it.

There were times when I wrote a lot and times when I forgot I even had a blog. But the life a blog lies in the continual blogging. More or less about when my blog was turning 1 that I really got into blogging and probably never stopped :)

Most of my blog is about the blah ideas that I have and of course the IITian life. And it was a nostalgic feeling when today I opened my dashboard to see the lastest post was about my hostel night or my farewell from Sharavathi Hostel, IIT Madras. Incidentally, it's my 300th post. :)

On an average I blogged a 100 posts per IITian year considering I started the blog after my first year :)