Friday, December 31, 2010

The Assignment 1

There is a competition called The Assignment.
I made through round 1 which was basically situational questions.

Round 2 has two parts

Round 2 Part 1: Please like this video and help me go to the next round:

Will update regarding part 2.

For, Now Happy New Year !!! Will come back next Year !!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joka and the Times

Back in Joka!

With a bunch of changes. Oh! A lot has changed. A lot is changing, A lot will change.

I am back on my schedule, up at till 5 am !
chatting talking making friends and wondering if i ever will get a few minutes to myself.

Here I am, a few minutes to myself, blogging.

Apart from sure travels to Mandarmani, hopeful travels to bangkok and other stuff.

Wondering will detours occur in life. Wondering if there ever do. Trying to make them happen. Hoping they do. Unhopeful some don't. Wondering my life is so complicated. Yet answering a question to my definition of complex as simple.

I m just leaving my final days at Joka.

Growing Up !

There hasn't been much of a blogpost after I returned from NY, has there ? Except for a few hangover posts !

So much has changed and so much will still.

I returned from US to my house in Hyderabad (shall still just call it a house), to spend a few days before I take a detour to my hometown for a friend's wedding. Or should I say my best friend's wedding. We had so much in common and now so little.

I was really excited to attend the wedding. I never attended a friend's wedding before. I was really busy every time there was one.

Only two days younger to me, she is married now and leading a happily married life. It made me wonder and made me think. Have I really grown up?

The moment I saw her all dressed like a bride and nervous and yet smiling at us. I wondered, have we all really grown up ?

And then of course, there as another school friend of mine who came to the wedding with her husband and her 11 month old son. She was screaming with him, playing with him, chastising him and drowning him in her love. Have we really grown up already ?

And then I have my best friend of all times, who is in US now married for a few years, with a two year old daughter and pregnant with the second. She did not come for the wedding. Again, have we all really grown up ?

I asked my friend this question. Another from the now-and-then pack, best friend of all times, have we grown up ?
She is studying to be a doctor and there is a long long way to go. She said, all I do is attend weddings, give advice on contraceptives, attend baby showers when they don't follow her advice and smile at all functions. Because, she will be a doctor and there is a long long way to go. And she tells me, you will go high up and there is a long long way up.

LOL! I will go high up! But will I ever grow up ?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lahiri. She Writes.

When I went to Seattle, I had with me “Unaccustomed Earth” without which the delay at Logan Airport (caused not by Logan but my ill-fated proximity to JFK, the flight being that which needed to arrive from JFK but was delayed as usual. Sometimes it seems to me that nothing goes off or on time in JFK) would have driven me crazy.

When I went to Pittsburgh, I had with “Interpreter of Maladies” which made my travel pleasant and enduring (not to mention that I was darn well excited about meeting the qurious quester more than a year later).

I like her books, because they are a collection of short stories and not novels with a plot.

I like her books, because she talks primarily about people in Boston and mostly about those you came from Calcutta and about those who had a short stay in London. And what else could I relate to more, this year.

She writes with a plot simply and characteristic. She writes of second generation Indian Americans. She writes up people trying to grasp anything they can grab that reminds them of their far away lands. She writes about women and she writes about men and she writes about parents and she writes about children. And the young, the old and the middle aged. She writes about love, duty, responsibility, helplessness, need for community and compassion.

She writes about the lives of people.

And she writes beautifully.

Saturday, December 11, 2010



If anyone knows what to do about please let me know!

Google doesn't seem to have any useful info. :(

UPDATE: Looks like I solved it, at least for now !

Friday, December 10, 2010

City Girl!

I fell in love with Bombay in 3 weeks, London in 4 weeks and New York in 3 weekends and half a week.

I came back from London all romantic about it which wore off in time but I do still like the city a lot. I am currently still romantic about New York and will have to wait and watch if it will wear off. Boston is cute and nice and peaceful which I like but not at the moment designed for me. But Bombay …

My heart leaps up every time I am to land/take off from Bombay at night time. I love it when I am landing in Boston during the day when you feel you are landing on water and just when you thought you would, the runway appears out of nowhere. No such airport stories about London and NY looks nice during the day with the Atlantic and everything but not half as wow-ing.

Inspiring! That’s the word for NY though. London shows you memories of empires that stood through thick and thin for generations together. New York shows you empires that were built from scratch over a single lifetime. Bombay shows me (don’t know about you), the empires to be built. Bombay shows me dreams.

In Dec 2007, not so long ago, I thought that I would be honored to work in Nariman a few years from then and that was my dream! This summer, it did come true even if it’s for a few weeks. Now I need a new dream and it looks like I have one!

New York and beyond: MY 500

My last few days spent in New York were fun, fast and fascinating.

I ceased being a tourist and then, I fell in love with New York; its city lights, noisy crowds, dirty streets, obnoxious people and vibrant environment.

Walked on the chilly streets of Manhattan, stared at the high rise empires built from scratch for inspiration, visited a Vegan restaurant, saw a few upper end (read, out-of-my-league) cars in real life, stopped by at Hoboken to view NY on the left and NJ on the right over the Hudson, drove past Edison Township, made more friends, submitted a final paper due for a course at Simmons, all in the middle of a ticket fiasco.

On Wednesday morning, I left to the airport (without a ticket). A few airlines, few counters and few explanations later I got my ticket and hung around a bit before I got on my 14 hour flight to Delhi. On reaching Delhi, my India phone began to work and I had to make two phone calls and send two emails to let people know that I arrived safely (mind you, I had to notify all of them just before I sat on the plane too). I spent the next 20 hours with less than 5 sentences off my mouth before I landed safe and sound and with a stamp on my visa, in Hyderabad.

Home. Sweet, Home.

Psst: Here ends 'Exchange Dairies' and is my 500th post!!!

Update: This also happens to be my 100th post of my 5th year in Blogging :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Diwali in December and Ticket fiasco

If I may call it that!

I took a bus on the afternoon of Saturday to reach NY in the evening.
Funny, the wifi was working. The last time it worked on a bus for me was when I first arrived at Boston from NY by bus.

On arriving at my friends place in Brooklyn they took me to this Diwali party hosted by people from the college that my friends are on exchange with. Well, Diwali is long gone. Yet it was a party and there was Bollywood music and Indian food. It was so long since I had good Indian food. It was a nice party

Here is the ticket fiasco part.
Err. it's too complicated to explain. Basically I thought I had a ticket but it looks like it is stuck in some pipeline and I can't seem to be able to push it through. But believing that I will come back to India I believe that it will somehow get resolved. Not on it's own though. I need to drop in some offices and refuse to move till I get a ticket. Or fly by some insanely complicated way. Hope it doesn't have to come to that.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Friday, the last Real Day

Sarah was wonderful.

Not only did she pick the card for me, she threw open her place for a party in my honor and a lovely cake that said "We will miss you, Pranava". How sweet can she be and how CAN i not LOVE her!!!

I love all the girls who came today and danced Bollywood with me and salsa and Chinese and some random stuff and had like ridiculous fun with me. I love you all !!!

So today is the absolute last day of my stay in Boston and it has not hit me yet.

I will probably cry on my bus to NY.
Love you all from Boston and love you Boston from making it my home for the past few months!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Economics and Dancing

The header I made yesterday comes in the middle of a frustrated period when I was trying to finish up my presentation for a class within a few hours. It went well.So did today's morning economics class where we presented about the economies of US and Germany.

After that I had a sumptuous meal at Bartol's the canteen for the residential campus which is my latest hangout for cheap good food (great French Vanilla and Ice-cream) along with Ivo.

Then we had a stupid session by me for Bollywood dancing, where I made my friends (who were dancing great) for Bole Chudiyaan and I was a pathetic teacher. That's another thing I learnt, I can't break down dance into a 1-2 step process. Following me was a wonderful teacher of Greek dance my one of our classmates who is a second generation Greek. She taught us well and we learnt it well and all in all it was FUN!

This is the first session of a set of sessions that are to follow organized by Ivo for our co-herd to share everyone's talents. (No, Bollywood dancing is not my talent. For God's sake I had no idea there was something called Bollywood dancing till I came here).

Ivo, an 'asian'-phillic, complained often that we never walked on the streets of Chinatown. We did just that today, walked a bit. Then we got home and Ivo helped me pack.

So I am basically packed, well mostly, except for a bit of laundry and the clothes I need to last me a week. No, I am packed :) I am. And it's only sinking in now. That I am leaving Boston in a couple of days!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Boston Blues

A new header finally just before I am leaving Boston!
Photoshopped obviously.