Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heading ahead...(600)

I need to tag in the title that it's my 600th post. Else I lose track.

So once every now and then I feel that need to turn around and look back at all the blogging I have done. Usually, it's a milestone or a birthday or simply new year. This year, I forgot my blog's birthday, like I did my sisters, like I did my parents, like my parents did mine, and like I nearly did mine! So apologises to all my friends whose birthday I forgot and congratulations to all those who wished (facebook is very dutiful).

Hence, I look back at my last hundred posts (and even older). But when I do look back, it was meant to be a soul-searching sentimental feeling. So as I sat to write this post down I was struck by writers block for hours. I have indeed changed. I haven't lost the capacity to write, just to be overly sentimental. And just like that I could write again.

When I look back, I often feel sad that I have changed so much, even though change is the in thing. Looking back to when I celebrated my 100th, so poetic used to be my writing style, it amazes me. But I guess, posts like that come out of a bubble. If you think of it, it lacks in it's imagination. The sea has always been a part of me and I miss it terribly, I make do with London's South Bank now. But to romanticise it, like it has been done for a million years is poor imagination. Not to belittle the young me's effort or far less to belittle the impact of the vast seas and oceans. But it is true that I thought little back then and my world was tiny.

My 500th will show you a different side of me, having experienced different worlds outside mine own. A city me though, all the glitz of London and more of so of New York City struck me dumbfound and excited. When I tried to look back, I looked look beyond that.

But the last 100...
They have been fascinating. I experience snow. I have understood the meaning of travel. Not to say that I have done enough of it. I have never truly travelled. Once or may be twice in my past journey's have I felt I did but not through a trip. My excitement for life hasn't reduced though. Every weekend I look at a new possibility. Every week I plan for a new trip. It may be beyond my country or to a different city. But London itself celebrates so much. Visit I did however. Asia and Europe and UK. And I noted down all my visits that I call travels. I was introduced to the world of sport. I follow champions league and watched Wimbledon in real and watched hockey at the Olympics. I read a lot and even got free books in return for a review, first through BlogAdda and later directly from debut authors. I worked for an NGO called Samhita. And BlogAdda also inspired BSR (Blogger's Social Responsibility).

And now I need to change my header and write a lot more.
Here is my new header symbolising new worlds...

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