Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Wall

The following are pics of The Wall, Della Princess (339, Sharav).

On entering, right wall:Posters of Shaastra 2006, Shaastra 2007, genesis, Kurt Cobain from JAM, 7th sem timetable, come quant formulae.

A lamp shade stolen from hostel night 2008 (which is actually stolen from Saarang 2008), Kurt Cobain(Nirvana) poster from Dollars and Pounds

The entire wall. Added are the Lamborghini poster from JAM (I'm not into cars, I just like red), a white chart with post-its with divisions (you can faintly see some color shades blue, green n red)

Left wall next to the comp and my wooden book shelf:

I can but I wont stayed on from my previous tenant. I thought babies looked cute.

Batman (a vinyl cutout stuck on a cardboard and mounted on a wooden piece with some jute thread) stolen from Fete 2008 Sharav stall which had Gotham City as the theme.


  1. Anonymous6:02 am

    curt cobain poster on ur wall, plz take it offf. he is known for something else other than suicide.

  2. @anon:
    Yeah and I thought that was Nirvana!

  3. Ya i had heard of kurt... Hangin around your room.... stalker... :-P

  4. @puppet
    I have Batman to protect me :P