Monday, February 28, 2011

The Peculiar Joka Day

I have a fascination with dates.
I remember them, for sentimental reasons, or plain memories.

Like November 14th 2001.
It was Children's Day and Diwali together. What more could a little girl want in India want? Now really, Holi can't be on the same day. But it was the first time I heard of the children in Sivakasi and couldn't imagine burning those crackers on Children's Day. So I boycotted Diwali that year. And I stayed back in my house when my family went out. But my sister came back after a while. She got burnt a little.

See? I remember. I can't seem to forget even if I want to. As a good friend of mine puts it, I suck at the memory part.

Anyway. Back to the original point of discussion.

I just wanted to note down today's date to be remembered years later.
28th February 2011. The day I stopped being a student, stopped studying. I can never stop learning though. And all this unless I decide to do a PhD or something. (Psst. There is a prediction that I would)

Other notable things: As I type this , I have two exams to go and the Academy Awards ceremony is happening on the other side of the world while some people are still talking about the edge-of-the-seat IND-ENG World cup match that happened half a day ago ending in a draw and cursing how it was supposed to happen in Eden, Kol and got shifted to Bang.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Espesal Engazement Party

So a friend and wingie got engaged. Her boyfriend (now fiancée) came down and the party was on the eve of VDay. The party had a theme. We were all meant to be in any of:
1. Mr. India
2. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (skimpy white shorts, anyone?)
3. Shah Rukh Khan oeuvre: KKHH, KHKN, K3G
4. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
5. Gol Maal
We girls decided to dress up as Sridevi from Mr. India. And we had fun shopping and stuff. We had a couple of Mr. Indias. A couple of school kids from jo Jeeta , even a model school cycler. A bunch of SRKs around. An Amol Parikar from Golmaal and the trippest ever, a lash !
Fun way to spend a VDay!

Trading and its Trophies

So I participated in an event called Trader's Trophy.
No I did not win a trophy or anything.
But the game was fun as hell and I learnt a lot.

The game not just simulated trading but the setup also tried to simulate the environment.
The only thing it was short of was the screams and shouts and abuses on a real trading floor.

The simulation demo is still up on the site. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ICPL - Mumbai

So the ICPL concluded a couple of nights ago.
We made it through the qualifiers to super sixes.
But didn't make it to 1 2 or 3.

But we played 6 matches in all.
It was fun :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

IIM Calcutta Premier League

So... Like IPL, a bunch of students at IIMC decided to form the ICPL last year.
It went well with players bidding.

This time they decided to go ahead and put the teams for sale.

We girls of All the Jazz, bored in our final term, decided to buy a team. Just for the fun of it. Honestly, we didn't really know or care much for the game. It was just for the fun of it.

Well we did buy a team.

Go Mumbai Chargers !

First match is on Friday 9.00pm.

Here is our teaser.
We shall come out with a promo soon...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Carpe 2011

Carpe Diem is the annual cultural festival of IIM Calcutta and this year it was from Jan 28th - 30th. It started for me the moment my play began.
Here are the rest of the things that I could catch.

Pehla Kadam
This is an NGO event in collaboration with Community Human Welfare Organization. About 300 kids from around Joka area came up to IIM Calcutta for a day of fun. There were performances by them and us. I would like to write about each and every but its too long and I don't remember half the Bengali names. Just to mention one, there was a mime show by kids who have a hearing impairment. I have never seen such a brilliant performance enacting through amazing gestures and emotions.

This is our rock band competition. And I got to see some really good performances. Many of them were semi-pro.

The official tribute band to Iron Maiden there were even dressed similar. Fear of the Dark being the highlight, the show had to stop a couple of songs short for the rain playing spoilsport.

My last culfest. Fun and Frolic !

couple of things I have missed is a spic-macay event and a nayatheatre production. I was sleeping.

Playful !

5 male actors, 2 female, 1 co-director.
a bunch of people at the production end, lights, music, set, set design, a poster, an aircon, a pair of french windows, a cyclorama that didn't work out, a spot light that went bust 12 hours pre, a bunch of ups, a bunch of downs, scenes that I was sure would turn out bad, scenes that amazed me when they didn't, actors I loved and knew would do a wonderful job.

All ends up in one beautiful play.

Thank you all for the support and all the hardwork !

Update: I missed out! I would also thank the mosquito-bitten president whose biggest job was to supply mosquito coils. I apologize for forgetting to mention him earlier and I am also sorry that I left him alone with no one but mosquitoes for company for nights together.