Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mumbai Meri Jaan

A brilliant movie.
It's about the Mumbai bomb blasts that took place in local trains.
I didn't know this fact. So I was shocked for a few minutes when the blast seen happened. I should have known it, would have made it a bit easier to digest. But then had I known it I would have had pre-assumed notions about the movie.

it's not about the bomb blasts. it's not about what police did or government did or didn't. It's not about the victims of the blasts.
It's about the commoner of Mumbai, a commoner who has been an indirect victim.

It's about a police constable who has nothing to do with the blasts, who had not been able to do justice to occupation through out his service, who is but at heart a good human being.

It's about a salesman who was present during the blast, who develops hatred towards muslims, who learns the way of life.

It's about an officer who was saved by a mere chance of luck, who was traumatised by the experience, who loves his country, who finally overcomes his fear.

It's about a newsreporter who makes stories out of other's lives, who herself becomes a news story soon enough, who is victim of her own torture.

It's about a madrasi coffeewala who has absolutely nothing to do with the blasts, but uses the fact as a weapon to satisfy his ego, who understands the fear instilled in people and the guilt instilled in him.

It's not about the bomb blasts. It's about the commoner's reaction to the blasts.

Critic mentions:
It'a movie worth watching, with astonishing performance by Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon, Madhavan, Irfan Khan.
The only negative point is a not-so-good-repeat-of-RDB by Soha Ali Khan which includes the name 'Ajay' of her wud-be who dies (like in RDB), include the same mother character from RDB who plays Soha's mom here.
Some character actors who played brilliantly : Policewala Kadam, Yousuf's mom, Anindita, Madrasi's wife.
Those who were terrible: Soha's brother, Vipul somebody who talks to Maddy in the beginning before the blast.

Bottomline: Watch Mumbai Meri Jaan if you still haven't

Movie Marathon

To begin with, it's not like me to watch movies. But today morning I woke up a little earlier than usual, about 4. And I was kinda bored and alone, thought I should have been studying. But I wanted some people talking around me just to feel that three are people around me. So I started watching some movies. But before I start off, I finish an average rated movie in 20 to 30 mins (I forward most of it, and watch only if it is captivating)


Someone told me it was good. I finished it in 15mins. It was absolutely boring. It didn't even have a story to make me stop and listen to a few dialogues. Yes, no doubt the climax is good but then it's so difficult to make it to the climax that you give up. The screenplay essentially was pathetic. A meek attempt to try and be different.

Love Story 2050
Someone told me it pathetic. I finished it in 25mins. It had a story to keep me going. It has a Hrithik like character. It had a cute teddy robo, a cute girl robo. It had a very vague story line. But it did have a story line. Entertainment enough. But not good enough.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

This movie should not be in line with the other two movies. Besides it deserves a post for itself. next post on it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A beautiful wild untamed flower shouldn't be trapped.
What happens when it is ?


This night the weather was nice. A pleasantly cool and humid weather. I felt like cycling.
I found a junior's cycle. I found some company (rather I dragged a friend along). We went cycling, took breaks and cycled again, round and round the campus.

At one particularly tired break, I got a call. As I was on the phone, a small drizzle began. I was on the phone when lightning struck and thunderbolt sounded loud enuf to shatter any one's guts. As I put the phone down and was considering returning, a huge rain began. We could not see or move as we stood under a tree. I shivered to the bone. Then when we could no longer stand under the tree, we left the cycles there and ran for cover under some building.

I was completely drenched and shivering to the bone by now. Staying under cemented roof kinda got some warmth back into my body and my shivering receded. Then I looked at the storming rain, drenched and wet hair.

We waited for quite a long while and then it stuck me that it might not reduce and we might have to stay here all night. So I decided to face the battle. And I dragged my friend along.

Together we took the cycles and rode all the way back even though the water was in our eyes, both of us were shivering and we could not see anything in front of us unless its a light emitting object.

And we made it back. I was in my room. Cold, shivering and wet.
As I changed into my dry clothes I remembered, I still don't have a dustbin. Damn it! The fire struck just yesterday.

Would it be earth tomorrow ?


It was 2.30 am and I on the bed reading something absolutely unimportant when the smell of burning paper touched my nostrils. It is a smell I like, carbon burning.

The Economic Times lying carelessly stashed on my keyboard was now in flames. Just one end of it.
I picked it up and rolled it so that I could hold it like a burning stick.
Then I thought I could just sway it and hit it against the wall and it would cut the flame. I started banging it against the wall above my dustbin. I tried to stub it out in the dustbin. But the flame burnt my hand and I let it drop into the dust bin. Everything inside my dustbin caught fire.

I immediately took the dustbin outside my room and sprayed all its contents on the corridor in order to save the dustbin (besides I don't like the smell of burning plastic).

I had an arc of fire around me and then I realised the dustbin I was holding was also on fire. I dropped it. Now I had fire just outside my room. Not sure What to do at 2.40 am I looked around for someone, anyone. Found a junior and brought her to the fire.

By then the fire reduced. We stopped the rest of it with a mat.

My room was warm with no mosquitoes and a nice smell of carbon burning that I like. And I slept.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sail Ahoy!

A beauty floated at the dock
swaying slowly against the waves
Tiny and simple as she was
She weighed nothing at all

Along the dock I walked
Observed her inside out
Tiny and simple as she was
She weighed nothing at all

Safety assured secure
unfurled the sail pure white
Against the blue blue sky
With dreams and hopes new miles

Simplicity with all shades
The journey started as endless
Against the blue blue sky
With dreams and hopes new miles

Oceans opened, breeze strong
Wars waged weapons unarmed
She toppled and tripped
Current swayed her along

Grey skies, leaking holes
lightning and thunder
She toppled and tripped
Current swayed her along

Decisions and destinations
lay awaiting the little lady
Against the current she swam
Against the world of rules

Sailed, wronged and right
Sailed through the darkest night
Against the current she swam
Against the world of rules

Still swimming, still sail
Still afloat wondering
Deep waters shallowed
Bright salty dark

Still dreaming hoping
Grey sky still blue and shining
Deep waters shallowed
Bright salty dark

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Della has an iCard

I first moved in
Then I fell in love with it
Then I decided to name it
Then I named it
Then I wanted to display the name
Then I didn't get around to do it
And then
I did it

Here is what I did:

PS: Lemme give credit to the dreamer for helping me with the alphabets


I was in Tata Steel for internship this summer.
I was a part of a short film made by some internies.
I had also previously blogged about it.

Now finally here it is:

Friday, August 15, 2008


'Mahadevbhai (1892- 1942)'
Living history in a play by Ramu Ramanathan
enacted by Jaimini Pathak
MAHADEV DESAI was Mahatma Gandhi's secretary from 1917 till his death
in 1942. Desai maintained a diary which Ramu Ramanathan has used as a source for
his play Mahadevbhai (1892-1942). The play is a monologue by the incredibly
talented Jaimini Pathak.

Since I wasn't doing much I thought I'll drop by and check out this play that was put up on the eve of Independance day in our institute by Working Titles, which also marks the beginning of the cultural events lined up as part of the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

As it began we were told it's a 2 hour monologue and I gave up. I thought I'll sit through it some 20 minutes and run away.

I ended up being there all the time and along with was a friend who was dragged into this and she sat through it too.

Jaimini Pathak held us captivated through the times of India's freedom struggle and as Mahadev passed away in Gandhiji's lap you could see it happening in front of you.

With his 129th performace there wasn't a single flaw and the play flowed into place.

A memorable play that deserves a blogpost. So here it is.