Monday, September 29, 2008

Moonshine again

Perch Productions "Moonshine and Skytoffee" was up on stage last night in our insti.

I had watched it previously at the Music Academy and blogged about it too

And yet again it captured audience last night with the flawless acting, the subtle humor and the down to earth characters of Basheer.
Celebrating Basheer's centenary along with IIT's golden jubilee, the play was an instant success.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Clueless Comp

I recently changed the speakers
Now my UPS is gone
I m surviving on 2 spike busters
Hopefully my comp is saved

Monday, September 15, 2008


I just returned from a trip home and came in early in the morning. I was walking back to my hostel when I noticed a tiny puppy trying to grab the attention of a dog while the dog was just pushing it away. it seemed like the dog was the mother but they were different breeds. It was a very cute thing to watch.

And a little way down that road I found five puppies of the same kind engrossed in something that was lying on the road. Then as I approached they all observed me. Some of them went back to their work once they got bored. One was particularly interested. I signalled to it. it started following me. All of them started with it. Then they stopped. Only the first one followed. Then I realized it was struggling to walk fast. I felt sorry for it. So I shooed it. It stopped. It stood there watching me for a long time.

Alll of them. They were so cute. I shoudl have picked one up and ran.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Image Search for Answer Tag

The concept:

* For the 20 questions that have been asked, write down your honest answer (in a word or two).
* Type your answers, one by one, on an exactly-as-written-on-paper basis, in the search bar of any image search engine that you prefer (Flickr / Google Image Search etc.).
* You MUST use the same search engine for all 20 answers.
* For every answer, only from the FIRST page of the search result, save exactly ONE image.
* Once you have a list of 20 images, each corresponding to one answer, compose a post in line with this post that you are reading right now.

I was tagged by: Nobody (just flicked the idea from Vatsap)

I tag: Puppet, Madman, Leela, the dreamer, Aditya, Ashtung

Image Search Engine used: Flickr

(To read the answers, hover over the image)

1. My age:


2. I am passionate about:


3. My favorite place:

moonlight on the beach

4. I have a thing for:


5. My comfort zone:


6. My favorite animal:


7. My kind of art:

street art

8. The town where I was brought up:


9. The town where I live:


10. A past pet:


11. A past love:


12. Current Love:


13. Best Friends Nickname:


14. I want:


15. Screen Name:

Twilight Fairy

16. A bad habit:

Don't wake up in the morning

17. A dream:

Fly over the rainbow

18. First job:

@ Blast Furnace

19. I miss:


20. What am I doing right now?


Saturday, September 06, 2008

anotheR headeR

Just for the record. Here is my new poster for my 200th

Credits: Leela for lending me her laptop and her photoshop (skills too)


I don't really remember when I started writing poetry. A few years down the IITian lane, exposed to the world of 24hrs internet(now it's just 10, and it deserves another post) I explored the blog-o-sphere. And thus began my first Blog which preserved all my poetry.

Then, for the fun of it I posted some articles to The Hindu and they got published. I got excited and wanted to post it on my blog. But then I figured I could write articles more often than poetry.
And thus, was born Slisha Crazy.

And now my blogs stand at 1:10 ratio.
I could do a round up of the most significant posts I have put up (like the last time), but I'd rather not.
This time I just want to quietly say it.

Here's to my 200th post. CHEERS!!!

Chrome Mozilla Trips

First let me trip on Leela:
We have a common course this sem. We were walking back from the exam when she said "Wait, should walk faster" And so I increased my pace when she says she wasn't referring to the speed. She wanted to slightly walk ahead of me. In her own words, "I should walk aheader than you"

Now coming to Mozilla:

Even as I started to you FireFox 2 quite a while back, I couldn't login to Google which was painful considering the fact that Google controls my life.
Then Amrit suggested I use an IE tab plugin and I survived with that for a long time.
The beginning of this sem, I got FireFox 3. now there was no IE tab plugin for it and I survived with IE for my Gmail and blogger.
So yesterday I Googled up and figured out hope to login to Google using FireFox and I made it.
I also got Color tabs and a Aero Silver Fox theme.
My FireFox is fresh and happy.

Now coming to Chrome:

Just when I got hunting for FireFox plugins I also hunted for chrome since quite a few status messages on my Gtalk suggest it.
I downloaded the installation file from the site. It didn't work.
I downloaded from DC++. It worked. So I installed.
Then it didn't connect. I changed LAN settings. It connected.
But it doesn't show me Gmail standard view, neither blogger create page. It's slow.
Or may be my computer is.

Bottom line: I'm happy with my FireFox 3 and it's new look.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Widget, the frog

There was a yucky yucky frog. It was creamish greenish yuckish.

It sat on my window sill. I don't know how it got there. I live on the second floor.

It stayed there for two days. I closed any opening so that it can't enter my room. I poked it with a plastic rod till it left.

It came back again another day. This time I didn't bother. It left again after a few days. Then it returned and stayed for a while.

This time I named it "Costello". Too nice a name for a frog I say. Then it left.
Then I named it "Widget". Thought it suited a frog well.

And it never came back.
And I don't miss it.

The Atrabilious Recluse

Under the glittering stars of delight
The lunatics laughed and loitered away
Stupid in their celebrating stature
Off they made merry and swindled away

They drank from the cup of idiocy
And danced in the high of sparkled spirit
Careless, carefree individual smiles
All combined in a frenzy minute

Aloft upon the mighty mountain
Sat he who triumphed and reached the peak
Watched from the golden summit seat
Wincing at every hysteric happy shriek

Said “Fools, to merry in melancholy”
Watching down from the pinnacle with amuse
“Fools, to shut their eyes against reality”
Not realizing he was the atrabilious recluse

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Periwinkle Paradise

I had an one hour exam at 8 in the morning. So I decided to wake up at 6 to refresh my memory.
I woke up at 6. It was cold. So cold that I didn't want to get out of bed. I snoozed till 6.15. Then it got so cold I couldn't have the fan on. I got up to switch off the fan when I realised that it was raining. Not pouring, not drizzling, just raining. But again I was cold and lazy, so I snuggled into my blanket and slept.
I finally did manage to wake up, mug up, and present myself in the exam room enough to manage the exam.

The place where I had to go was about a fifteen minute walk from my hostel. The pathway to get there is beautiful with trees that plunge into arcs blocking the road from the sun. I usually admire the beauty on my way (when I do manage to way up for classes). But today I was in a hurry to reach early for the exam. I didn't notice any of it.

My finished writing the paper in about 20 minutes and I was out in 25. Then I didn't know what to do. On the way back, through one the pathways is my next class at 9. So I was casually taking a walk. Since it rained in the morn, the sun was a dim shower of rays and it was a pleasant morning, with tiny puddles on the wet road.

On the road side, by the mud there grew many bushes. One of them bore periwinkles, dark pinkish periwinkles. I had seen them many a times. But today, they were beautiful. The rain drops from the morning rain were still upon them. Tiny beauties they were, fresh as the dew, washed by the morning shower.

Good things come in Small packages

I didn't get a small package containing good things :)
Oh DAMN! I did! I forgot! Well, that's for a different post.
This post had been long standing.
it;s about The God of the Small Things

It's a nice contemporary book, written the way most contemporary books are written.
The laws that lay down who should be loved, and how. And how much.

This is the most beautiful line in the story. The most significant and true too. The writing style at some points is brilliant.

Bu the best part of the book is the truthfulness of a seven year old hurt heart which stays through out even when she turns 31.

The book talks about how small things in life matter. Words like :
Little Girls Playing.
One beach-coloured.
One brown.
One Loved.
One Loved a Little Less

The small things that sting, the small things the give happiness, the small things that steel your life from you, all are portrayed in this book, neatly.

The character Velutha, the title of the book, suits it all. He was the one who provided with the family that was deprived of the happiness of the small things. He was The God of Loss, The God of the Small Things.

The book was written in a biased tone. But the hurt and the pain showed enough to justify the bias. The novel is basically the tragedy of those who broke the love laws.

The tragedy occurred when a Syrian Christian divorcee took to an untouchable who was the God of the Small things for her and her two-egg twins who were seven then.
Comfort was sought between the two-egg twins at 31, a viable die-able age, when the lovers were long gone. This comfort was in the form of incest (which kind of took my surprise).

The book is written shifting between the times when the twins were seven and when they were thirty one. The analogy comes along from the start till the end when the twins take to each other and their mother to Velutha.

A beautiful book about the laws that lay down who should be loved, and how. And how much.