Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kill 'em

I think all men who do all kinds of shit which comes under the terms of sexual harassment should be lined up and killed

Friday, February 27, 2009

Singing, Screaming

if you wanna burn yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
and if you wanna cut yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
and if you wanna kill yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
call me up before your dead, we can make some plans instead
send me an IM, i'll be your friend
I'll never fall out of love with Juno :)

it's like a when I get over the obsession of one song another just comes along
we won't stop until somebody calls the cops
and even then we'll start again and just pretend that
nothing ever happened

we're just dancing, we're just hugging,
singing, screaming, kissing, tugging
on the sleeve of how it used to be

The 'B' Factor

What is most happening about B schools and their graduates ??
The Contemporary Indian Novel is all about them and their lives and their ideas and their dreams and how they succeed or fail, or their fucked up love affairs.

One reason why IIM C should take me: I might not make a good manager but I believe I m good enough at writing. I may not get a job if India's slowdown becomes a recession but I can still write novels and live by.

Today's ET CD was all about the Corporate Novelists who write about the spicy corporate life/ spicier b school life.
About 6 months earlier there was a mention in the financial express as well.

A few books such books:
IIM-Ganjdundwara - this is a actually supposed to be a good story and not all self adoration
Keep off the Grass
If God was a Banker
Mediocre But Arrogant
Married But Available

And IITians are not behind: all the more reason why I can write a novel
Tushar Raheja
Chetan Bhagat

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Think about WHAT you BLOG

A couple of months earlier, I had posted a few blog posts a certain scenario and was determined to keep blogging about that phase of my life. But a certain position of authority had requested to delete those posts and refrain from blogging about that matter.
I was angry but I did not want to make an issue out of it. So I did as told. But it nudged me on the freedom of expression.

But as I read in today's Hindu an article about how blogging affects others and how it can hurt you, it all made sense. So if you want to make a negative remark on anyone or anything, you have to think about the impact of you blog and the consequences.

Blogging does make you sensitive and tolerant, I suppose.

Update: There is another article I came across where the Supreme Court came down on a guy who opened a community on Orkut

Update: A lot more is there I see

Monday, February 23, 2009

Astronomical Spectacles

Spectacle 1.
The comet Lulin, a green headed comet due to the presence of chemicals is going to be near enough to earth to be seen by the naked eye, at 1 am on 24rd Feb. It being a new moon and clear sky, the possibility of spotting it is high.

Spectacle 2: for this you need a telescope
Four moons are going to transit over Saturn tonight. Titan, Mimas, Dione and Enceladus will pass directly in front of Saturn.

Update : Did I see it? yes I did.. no I didnt... but I did.. I prolly did.. I kinda did
I 'd like to believe I did! :)

Week Ahead

I was sitting in lab completely ignorant of time when I got a message asking me if we have the 1 o'clock class today. I shook out of slumber, it was already 12.30. Of course we have class I replied and wondered if I have enough time to run back to mess, lunch and get to class on time. And then I got reply that we do not have class.

I messaged a couple more people to find out that I don't have class for that course this week at all.
A few minutes later, I remembered that my Thursday 3 hour film studies course also was canceled for this week.
Then it suddenly dawned on me that I'm taking only two courses which means I do not have a single class to attend this week. Trip I say.

But I aint going anywhere.
I got BTP extended abstract to submit on Wednesday, present at the midterm review on my BTP next Thursday and attend a GD and interview for IIMC that next Monday.
Not to mention the assignment I should have done last semester.

The Smile Train

The Smile Train is an international charity helping children with cleft lips and palates, founded in 2000 by Brian Mullaney and Charles Wang.

"The irony is that a cleft can be completely corrected with a simple surgical procedure that could take as little as 45 minutes and cost as little as Rs. 8,000"
And thats what they do.

They have provided free cleft surgery for more than 375,000 children in eight years.

Why they have been so successful?
"Teach a man to fish strategy: we empower local doctors in developing countries"

They have a good many smile stories. One of them being Pinki's. She is right now in Hollywood as the documentary featured on her wins the Academy Award for the Best Documentary Short.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


When everyone is talking about the Oscars and Slumdog Millionaire, another movie happened to catch my attention in the Oscar website. It's called Smile Pinki

I started browsing for this movie, actually it's a short documentary.
Plot Summary: Pinki is a five-year-old girl from some village of Mirzapur District, India, born in a desperately poor family, and with a cleft lip. They never realized it just required one simple operation, until she meets Pankaj, a social worker traveling from village to village gathering patients to go to hospital in Varanasi that provides free surgery to thousands each year. Told in a vibrant style, this real-world fairy tale follows its protagonist journey to a dream smile from isolation and shame.
It seems like a very touching movie and I would like to watch it. And if anyone knows how to get to it, please let me know.

But what really caught my attention was Steven D Lewitt's article about this documentary.
"I watched it with my children. They’ve never seen anyone with a cleft, because in the United States, every baby born with the condition gets surgery within a few months."
Is that for real ??!!

UPDATE: Smile Pinki won the OSCAR for best documentary (short)


Posu(Konkani), Ginnu(Kannada), Junnu(Telugu), Kharvas(Marathi), Kadambu(Tamil), Cheek(Hindi) is a sweet made from lactating cow’s milk.

It looks like this:
It has junnu milk, normal buffalo milk, jaggery, pepper and cardamon in it. It is prepared, cooked and set.

It tastes HEAVENLY

And yes there is a foodie in me somewhere.
I've basically been trying to locate a place where I can buy it for I dunno how many months.
Anyone any idea ??

Yeh Delhi Hai Mere Yaar

Bas ishq mohaabat pyar - Delhi-6

It won't be a box office hit.
  • There isn't much of a love story
  • The daadi senti is lost after some 20mins into the movie
  • The first 20mins are an overdose of daadi senti
  • There is not enough senti in the movie
  • Not much of a song dance sequence except masakali
  • Easy to lose track of the movie
  • The Ramayan reference seemed more like a desperate attempt to Indianise the film
  • Not much of acting even from Om Puri; Abhishek and Sonam were just average.
  • No glitz and glamor involved
But it is still is a good movie.
  • Atul Kulkarni or Gobar and Divya Dutta or Jalebi showed brilliance in acting
  • The whole Kaala Bandar idea and building up of the story was beautifully done
  • The music blends into the movie unlike the usual song and dance sequences
  • Since I don't like sad endings even though the climax was utterly filmy like, I liked it
  • The building up of the setting was done well even thoguth the character build up was bad
  • At the end of the day Delhi 6 was potrayed well as a microcosm of India it self and Indian mid class mentality of how complicated simple tings become.
Bottomline: I loved the movie

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hole in the Wall

I was watching Discovery/NatGeo a long long time ago when I saw this documentary on an experiment that NIIT did. They made a hole in their wall next to the slums in Mumbai and inserted a touch screen monitor. They told the slum-dwellers that it's for their children and they can use it.
Within a weeks time, many children knew how to use the cmputer, browse the internet and called the mouse a suii or a needle and their favourite site was of Disney.

I ran into the this again through Slumdog Millionaire which was apparently inspired by this experiment.

This is called Minimally Invasive Education where no one tells you to study :)

Check this for more information on the project. The project was also published as a paper in a journal

Slumdog Millionaire

Good stuff
The kids... the slum kids were so good, so good I couldn't imagine a better job. Jamaal especially.

The 2nd set of actors were also amazing.
Anil Kapoor's ruthless affect was great.
Except for the two scenes; Amitabh's autograph and the blinding of one kid, I could not foward the movie even for a minute.

Not so good stuff:
The oldest Jamaal: good acting, bad presence of accent. Great accent, didn't fit in the character.
The oldest Latika: Not very striking (Amrutash wouldn't agree though)
The love story idea: I didn't figure out wen the movie took a turn and started to become all about a girl. Honestly, when Salim leaves Latika's hand when they get on the train, I thought that was end of Latika. Or may be they could insert her at the end for a happy ending. But not make this the main story. Seriously!!!

But I hear Q&A wasn't so. Should read it before a further comment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Notting Hill

I don't remember the previous time I watched it and my memory was fading, so I watched it last night again.

William: Whoopsidaisies!
Anna Scott: What did you say?
William: Nothing.
Anna Scott: Yes you did.
William: No I didn't.
Anna Scott: You said "whoopsidaisies".
William: I don't think so. No one says "whoopsidaisies" do they? Unless they're...
Anna Scott: There *is* no "unless." No one has said "whoopsidaisies" for fifty years and even then it was only little girls with blonde ringlets.
William: Exactly. Here we go again.
[He falls off the fence again]
William: Whoopsidaisies. It's a disease I've got. It's a clinical thing. I'm taking pills and having injections. It won't last long
William: [after hitting his shin on a fence while climbing over it] Now what in the world in this garden could make that ordeal worthwhile?
[Anna kisses him]
William: Nice garden.
William: Would you like a cup of tea before you go?
Anna Scott: No.
William: Orange juice? No, probably not... something else cold? Coke? Water? Some disgusting sugary drink pretending to have something to do with fruits of the forest?
Anna Scott: No.
William: Do you... always say no to everything?
Anna Scott: [thinks] No.
William: I live in Notting Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are, my mother has trouble remembering my name.
Anna Scott: I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
It's beautiful movie.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Speak, People Listen

After reacting to the strange clash of civilisation in my blog, I happened to respond to the editorial as well. And guess what! They actually listen. :)

So yes, people, speak!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Animal Lovers Everywhere

By institute bought some 100 penguins. So you can feed them garbage and keep the place clean. I usually dump garbage in the bin. But now its more delightful. I feed them garbage. Fat cute buddies they are, they've been tied to poles so they cant run away.

My mess bought some fifty cats. They lie one on each table and sprinkle salt out.

My mess also bought some five of those tiny variety penguins for giving us soap at the hand-wash. I always thought they resembled penguins, never thought they actually were till I saw the tiny feet projecting out at the bottom. :)

Panties vs Sarees ??

In a bid to counter the ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign', Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik has announced to exchange Pink Chaddis (Pink Panties) with sarees.

I didn't hear of this till I read the editorial in ET today: Strange Clashes of Civilisations

I send some guy I'm so disgusted with a PINK CHADDI to show my disgust and he sends me a back a SAREE ?? Honestly that's delightful.

Unfortunately Mr. Pramod Muthalik did not understand the idea of the pink chaddi campaign. He thinks women are showing their "forwardness" by sending pink chaddis and counters it by showing "backwardness" by sending sarees.
Surely, he got confused. But surely, ET editorial team can't be so confused ?
May be they shouldn't talk about stuff other than SEZs, recession and SMEs in their editorial.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hindu Taliban and The Pink Chaddi Campaign

This is what happened:
Moral policing reared its head again, this time in BJP-ruled Karnataka where members of a right-wing Hindu group assaulted girls in a Mangalore pub, accusing them of behaving in an “obscene manner”. Eyewitnesses said the girls were chased and thrashed by activists of the Sri Ram Sena as they tried to flee from the pub on the busy Balmatta Road in the heart of Mangalore.

Militants belonging to a group called Sri Ram Sena, who claim to be custodians of Indian culture, said Valentine's Day is un-Indian. The threat comes days after the group's activists stormed a bar in the south western city of Mangalore, dragging out and beating women they accused of acting obscenely and "going astray"

Politicians make statements:

Sri Ram Sena is a threat to the country. The Centre is watching its activities with great concern," Chidambaram told media persons in Kollam, Kerala
This (the incident) is an attempt to Talibanise India. There is no place for these kind of acts in India as it is a democracy,” Renuka Chowdhry said.
This is what SRS believes:

"Valentine's Day is definitely not Indian culture. We will not allow celebration of that day in any form," said Pramod Mutalik, the SRS founder.
Isn't Lord Manmatha worshiped on Vasantha Panchami ?
Aren't the holy couple Radha-Krishna worshiped ?

This is how the public answers:
It is 'Gandhigiri' with a difference for over 3,000 people who have joined 'The Pink Chaddi Campaign' to send what else but bagful of pink underwear to the office of the Mangalore pub attack masterminds Sri Ram Sena on Valentine's day this Saturday.

"I just could not believe seeing those men attack women so mercilessly. We had to respond in some way or the other because if we don't then these guys will win. Pink chaddis are nothing but a metaphor to how disgusting they are," says Nisha Sudan, a journalist working with a news portal who started the campaign said.
The sarcasm is inherent in "A Consortium of Pub-going and Forward Women".


Turning the iconic freedom struggle slogan “ jail bharo” on its head, Minister of State for Women and Child Development
since Renuka Choudhary on Thursday suggested that the only way to tackle the moral police was to launch a “ pub bharo andolan”.

A Free Hug campaign on 14th Feb 2009 in Bangalore. We would be out in groups offering free hugs to the people of Bangalore, carrying placards like, ‘Happy Valentines Day, I love you, Hug me, ‘Public Display of violence is not part of Indian culture’ etc.
Hug Karo and Pub Bharo



Reminds me of Black Noise Project and my previous post.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Following Magic

Yet another story of magic from Paulo.
A young girl who dreams of following the Tradition to learn magic.
It is an interesting read and has a lot of drama in it. The idea of rebirth, the notion of soulmate, the rituals; all very dramatic. I found it kind of spicy and less Paulo-ish. But it makes a good read. It's like a story, with twists.
The idea of soul mate is nicely written, including the fact that you can have many, meet many, meet none. But the best of course is to meet just one, that too of your age. :)

we destroy what we love

A bunch of women in leather drive around the Mojave desert on motorcycles. They call themselves 'The Valkyries' after the Norse mythical warrior women who chose to win or die in battle.
These are the women, Paulo had to find in order to not destroy what he loved according to 'J', his master.
And this is the story of "The Valkyries" by Paulo Coelho. This story also involves his wife Christine.

This book is about trying understand what we love. About trying to understand how we ruin it. And about how to protect it.
This book also has a unique perspective inside a woman's mind. The different role playing a woman does is so beautifully shown. And Paulo's personal touch remains.

Veronika Decides to Live

Paulo Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die is a book that has to be read. Just has to be. By every young person who is about to face the world on his/her own.
May be it just be made to be read in undergrad school everywhere. So that we have lesser number of suicides.

The woman has all the very thoughts for a young person who has been good and hasn't made mistakes and hasn't been mad. But you know what ? You ought to be mad. The entire gist is about one line.
Collective madness is called sanity.

The best part about this book is the ending. Usually I feel good books have bad endings. I was just discussing this with a friend today morning. Atlas Shrugged, The Zahir, list is endless. I feel writers get bored when they come to the ending.
But Paulo knew where he was going. He always knew the ending from the very beginning. It's totally my kinda story where I work the story backwards. I think he did the same. But then it's based on a true story.

There are very few characters in the story and each adds up so beautifully. Each expresses life in their own beautiful way. May be that's why they are called mad, because they live while we just exist.

So we Walked

4 of us
Went for a Walk

As usual four of us walked down to mess from hostel for the bland mess food.
So we ate.
Sometimes we go for a walk.
So we walked.
We were closing in on the stadium entrance and remembered old times when in 1st year we went for walks inside the stadium. Now its closed after 9. And we realized it was just 8.15.
So we walked in.
It was empty dark open space lit only my the full moon, with an occasional speck of a person from far. Eerie!! And the border of the stadium to one side has dense forest which looks like the Forbidden Forest from Harry Porter.
We walked out of the back entrance each eating a banana we carried from mess and then decided to go on walking towards the guys' hostels. We walked till a shop 'n' eat Gurunath where we went window shopping for no reason.
And we had no money.
And we still wanted coffee.
And we found somebody (lemme credit Jayanth) who bought us 4 coffees. Sat down, drank and decided to make it back to hostel.
So we made it back.
A little more than an hour and a half. Memories to cherish when we pass out.

On a totally different note. I conducted my first experiment today.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Amazing weekend.

First, I abscond. I was supposed to turn up at lab for BTP on Friday morning. I was on my way when there was a change in plans. I have a lot of fun. And some good memories. (They are parceled well with some bad too.. but bad incidents.. memories always stay good).

Then I have another day of unexpected fun and frolic.
Along comes my IIM C application in the speed post. My interview is on the 9th of March.
FMS (Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi) GD/PI shortlist is out and I made it. They haven't announced the dates yet.

And another day passes by as I cleaned my room, had lunch with a friend.
Dinner was a Pizza Hut Treat from my (ex)Roomie who got a Cornell University Admit. We came back with 1 big and 2 tiny heart of phosphorescent pink and blue each and bug with a pink arse and 6 limbs (stuffed with some beads) for Roomie.

Perfectly Weekended!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


That's did for about 36 hours.
Feels good to be back.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Learning Curve

Yesterday was disastrous... But looking at the brighter side... my learning curve:

Things I learnt yesterday:

XP uses dynamic library functions and hence is not as heavy as 2000. But it also makes it stupid sometimes.

The cement blocks around the nuts and bolts projects out of the floor of my lab are not made of cement. In fact they are made of thermocol. And as I ended up observing them for about 20 mins I realized they are placed there to protect people from hurting themselves when they stumble over the projections.

Multimeter should not be connected in series.

My experiment will take a long long time.

If I take a two way ticket instead of one, to Mylapore by local train, I will save time.

Case studies for GD might sometimes be extremely one sided that they is no argument on the opposite side.

Exploring different possibilities in a GD might be taken into account as aggressive responses which should be avoided at all times.

I should probably stop going to GD sessions.

If I stay in lab all day and got o GD sessions as well and spend time trying to run around the rest of the time and sleep over all morning I will never see LAN connection in my room which exists only for 10 hrs starting afternoon.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bunny suit

I like my new bunny suit
When I wear it I feel cute

Met this girl at the market today. She was cute and beautiful but lost. The look in her eyes said it all. A need to find a home lingers in her but she is too scared to really walk in when the doors are held open. Because there was a day when she did and she was thrown out and thought of as a beggar. Now even if you extend a hand of friendship she thinks you are about to hit her.She wants to believe you andthen she sees the house that threw her out. The house hold come out and abuse her all over again. She looks at the extended hand, slaps it and runs.