Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It surprises me how silly things can get people pissed off.

If a forum devised for nonsense has nonsense everyday on it starts getting flooded with some other kind of nonsense, people who are followers of the original nonsense get pissed off by the people who are flooding in new nonsense.

If social networks keep bombarding you with various offers and promotions, when one particular promotions keeps coming back again and again, people get pissed off, in spite of not enjoying any other promotions anyway.
And I muse and get amused. But I still don't get pissed off by the double standardized hypocritical pissed off people on the planet. I assume they are double standardized and they are hypocritical. And I muse. Once in a while, I make a statement of this kind with a smile on my lips and think of all those people who shall read this post and come to a conclusion that I am pissed off OR more satisfyingly, get pissed off by this post ! :)

The other day I was checking the OCEAN test on FB. Says I am 0% neurotic. Now that's crazy right ?
I cry easily, laugh easily, believe people easily, walk away easily. How can I be 0% neurotic. I am as much a drama queen as there can be.
But then, I guess if stupid nonsense pisses off people easily and it just does not irk me, I am probably not neurotic. I am only as neurotic as is required :P

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chidiyan Udd

The trailer was enthralling.

It's beautifully made.
The subtle humour.
The emotional surges.
The poetry and the young mind.
The little kid and his quiteness.
The small place called Jamshedpur.
The 'Kanti Shah ke Angoor'
The friendship and tears.
The music.
The wisdom.
The memory.

But the ending ? I did not like.
I expected more. A bit more inspirational.
Not a run away.
A change. A meaning to life. A place to go forward from.

Friday, July 16, 2010

All Roads lead to Sangam

A movie which speaks a lot from just a little.
A movie like an Ruskin Bond story but for adults.
A movie about small things in life that matter even when larger things loom in front.

I would like to say it was Paresh Rawal at his best. But then I always say that.

It talks of how patriotism sometimes comes out of little corners and lights up a person.

I feel its a one man show. And one worthy man he is !

You can read up the story at wiki if you like. But watching it from the beginning without any idea is nicer. Just watch it.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I never followed FIFA before.

The only footfall I watched was the finals of EuroCup 2008 when I was interning in Jamshedpur, living in a girl's wing and frustrated to watch Get Gorgeous 5 on Channel V and Splitsvilla on MTV, I used to stay up late in the night a watch half hour of EuroCup. The only complete match I watched was the finals. And I thought Casillas was AWESOME!!!

But this year, the day the matches began, I was in London, it being my last working day. The spirit with which London embraced football got me interested. I first match I really watched was Germany vs England and since then I have been hooked.

With Casillas as my desktop bg for the past one week I cheered last night for Spain. What a match it was with fouls and misses and a single goal in extra time.

Now I know why the world is so crazy about football !

Friday, July 02, 2010

Term IV

I reached a week late to college, thanks to internship.
About the same time as the new batch was coming in.
It was so much better in undergrad when you didn't know many who were passing out nearly for 3 years and about the same time when you stop caring about who is coming in.

And my time table is crazy. Classes are canceled all over the place and rescheduled every weekend. I have Wednesdays off for sure and Sundays not off for sure and an occasional Saturday off. So now there is no difference between a weekday and a weekend. Meaning we chill out everyday :)

Surprisingly more tiring than work life.
At work you come back home and you don't have any more work.
And you have your weekend off.

Life is back into the churn.
45/15 has graduated out of IIM Calcutta.
46/16 is now called PGP2.
47/17 has entered in as PGP1.
A fachcha party happened which was one of a kind.
And now life is back into the churn.

The Week That was

This was my last week in London.

It started with shopping on Sunday.

I reported to a new desk on Monday.

We figured our favorite spot so far was Wapping.
On Wednesday after work we made a short trip to Wapping again.
A lovely trip it was!
We took a wrong turn and ended up on the river shore.
We decided that if we were to settle in London, Wapping would be it :P

Thursday went by.

Friday was extremely hectic for me, meeting people and everything before my exit interview where i would be told whether or not I am being made an offer.
But all is well that ends well and most of us got offers.
So off we went roaming around having dinner here and there near Mayfair.

Saturday, we had a flight out to Mumbai in the night at 9pm.
My firm was nice enough to get us cabs to the airport as well, otherwise they are too expensive.
But it's a whole day all together, packing doesn't take much time and I haven't seen touristy places.
So we went to Charing Cross station, walked around Trafalgar Square with it's beautiful sculptures and fountains and people performing tricks and standing-still-silver people and it's latest addition the Ship-In-A-Bottle. We walked along to Westminster to Big Ben. We saw those tiny elephants for the saving the Asian elephants campaign. The four at Trafalgar Square were adopted by Lalit Modi, on behalf of IPL and those were painted in 4 of the teams colors. We were walking in Westminster when we saw a bunch of people staring at someone in a street that had gates. We stared too. After a while we realized it was David Cameron. And then we walked away. It was funny to see tourists take pictures of everything. The guards on Horses, the red telephone booths, the red buses.

And finally the time has come when I went into the Westminster tube station to return my Oyster Card. it's true. Your life in London begins when you take ans Oyster and ends when you give it back. Felling quite sad and unwilling to leave London, I walked from Westminster Pier to Embankment Pier and took a Thames Clipper to Tower Bridge Pier.

Went home to back a few last minute items and got on a cab that drove we past the Buckingham Palace and past Harrod's to Healthrow.
And with this post comes to close my intern dairies.
Oh Wait! Taj, nariman and colaba ?? May be another day.

Hill Dales and Shopping

This week was unimaginably short.
The week started on Tuesday with Monday being a holiday to rest and rejuvenate after Scotland.
On Thursday we were taken to the Lords. And here is Friday already. So I wasn't really looking forward to the weekend.

Primrose Hill. This is where we went on Friday evening.
It reminds me of Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho.
But Primrose Hill is a high rise hill away from the city from where you could see the cityscape.
I though you could also enoy a lovely sunset but I was wrong. It was a sunset and lovely but not what I expected. But it was a only a short while that we spent there and it was enjoyable.

In the morning I went to Swami Narayan temple at Neasden, London. Courtesy: one of the broker's at the desk where one of our co-internie works. It was a nice place. We were taken around the area, the Haveli, an exhibition of Hinduism and then the Abhishek and the Aarti. We even had lunch there with the volunteers of the temple. It was authentic Gujarati food.

Saturday evening was our alum reunion called Nostalgia. We had about 20-30 alumni and their family gathered in an Indian restaurant near Picadilly.

I woke up lazy but with an plan in mind. This is the last proper weekend in London and of course the last Sunday. So shopping it is.
Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street we walked and walked and walked along. Shopped at all sorts of places picking gifts for friends, show pieces for home and clothes for myself !
But did you know shopping in London ends by 5 or 6 pm on weekends ?!

SO that was how I spent my last weekend!
Oh wait ! No I managed to grab another half weekend!!!

Oh Lord !

This was my facebook status message the day I was to go to the Lord's Cricket Stadium in London arranged as an outing by my company.
It was a small stadium, not as big as I expected it to be. But I hear I need to visit Eden gardens.

We were watching Middlesex vs Sussex match with Adam Gilchrist playing for Middlesex. Adam Gilchrist left too early.

I think Sussex won. I am not too sure. Well, I didn't know that batsmen change sides between overs, so you can pretty much understand how cricket literate I am.

But we had lovely enjoyable food, nice seats and funny mascot.

And of course proof that sun does set after 9pm in summers in England (10pm in Scotland).

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Scottish Magic

We took off to Victoria Station on Friday night to grab the Bus to Edinburgh. A long painful 10 hrs journey it was. And we got off at Edinburgh to a beautiful city of architecture. One of our friends wanted to drive to Inverness but we didn’t bring our passports so we had to stay in Edinburgh. We got a backpacker’s hostel beds and left to walk around.

And walk around we did. Edinburgh is a small city. We walked every lane and every area.

We walked to the Ocean Terminal Mall on the beach. We walked the Royal Mile. We saw the Scottish bagpipers singing the Scottish tune.

It was the rugby weekend and we saw the craziness that the Scottish take on towards it. But they are mild, so mild are their mannerisms that it is amusing. It is what can be called disciplined hooliganism. And then we decided we ought to catch a rugby match.

We watched the Scotland versus England rugby match. England won and we were cheering for Scotland, simply because we were sitting with Scotland supporters. It was good fun. Short and fun for someone like me.

After the loooooooong stay in Edinburgh (there isn’t much to it after you get used to the architecture), we decided to go to Dundee, the sunniest city in UK. But someone forgot to mention it is also a very lazy city on Sunday’s. And so we walked the streets of Dundee and came upon a park. We lay lazy like the rest of the people at the park. We walked along the University of Dundee. We found a lovely place with indie music playing. And then before we knew it we needed to catch a bus back to Edinburgh with a change at Perth and later one to London.

Now our bus journey turned out to be interesting. The Dundee to Perth journey is supposed to be about 20mins. But our driver ran over a dog that the owner left off the leash. The owner left immediately but our driver called the cops and told them he ran over a dog. My friend was the eye witness and then we could take off. It all took about 30mins. But our driver was also nice enough to make sure our Perth bus (the last one out of Perth) for us. By the time we reached Perth, the driver was shouting at ours. We ran down this bus and up the other.

Finally I could breathe once we made it to Edinburgh in time. And then we remembered dinner. And yet again we ran over to a Bangladeshi restaurant, grabbed some food and stuffed it in because hot food is not allowed on buses. A run and run and run.

But finally settled back in London, I feel Scotland was a nice trip. Next time Inverness and Tiree are on my list!!!