Friday, July 20, 2007

A month and 3 weeks in IIT

Just before vacation began, all my classmates started looking for interns and projects. I tried a bit too. But I was too exhausted from the sem so I pushed to Banglore. Soon I was bored and my friends were having all the fun here so I landed here and searched for a project...

Lemme blog on the lines of vatsap on my one month and 3 weeks.

I landed here and got a project.
And after a long discussion with Amit I put up my own pic on orkut. I had the excitement of a little kid when I celebrated my blog's 1st birthday. Then I moved into my new room and pained everyone about how much I love it. I joined the CFI team and did no work for a while. I was too bored with life. And then the CFI work began and I got to attend a meeting in the Diro's Board room. Then I celebrated the 50th post on my blog on a less lighter tone. I had watched this wonderful movie and learnt to watch movies alone. I finally named my room and then went about redefining my comp. My campus looked different to me, or may be I changed within. I added a new look for my blog as well. And not to leave out my mail.

Of course this one week has been pretty eventful (or like people say, memeory is short and this one week is all I remember)
On Monday came the Singapore delegation. Tuesday, I ended my CFI wokr with a ppt to the Dean. Wednesday, I m done with bank and blah and cut a cake :). On thursday, celebrated my birthday in surprises. On Friday, I had been to the American Embassy. And here I am blogging about everything with my train 8 hrs away.

Going home finally for the first time this vacation. Homeland beckons. I cant wait to see the shore of Vizag again, and meet my school friends, esp one who got married anf I missed the wedding.
but at the same time, I dont feel like locking up my room, I jsu don't feel like leaving and I m already dreaming of the 29th, when I shall be back and so will all my batchmates.
No more blogging.. till I m back....

Oh... I m not bad either, did quite a lot...


  1. Hmmm... some productive vacatns...
    But u still use IE????????

  2. Quite Eventful....

    Enjoy the Break and the homecoming.

  3. Remarkable attempt,clap but Amrit bhaiyya just rocks at this!!

  4. Enjoy the vaccations! :)

  5. @ashtung
    sadly yes :(

    thankch... nice break but i m back now :|

    I wudnt want to compare with Amrit "Bhaiyya" :D
    it jus sounds too funny.. 'amrit bhaiyya' heheheh

    thankch.. i did :)

  6. just that he's way too senior to me. :D
    how abt didi for you then? :)

  7. RE:
    yeah. happy now??

  8. U forgot to mention abt Cybercafe with Nimit ????? :P